The Deafening Sound of Victory

ansThe Deafening Sound of Victory

On Wednesday, December 12 – 19, 2018, the Lifesong Kenya Team will be participating in the Half Way Cycle to raise funds and provide a halfway house for boys exiting juvenile prison in 2019. We will be cycling from Nairobi to Kisumu, an estimated 500 KM to raise Kshs. 1.5 million. Our cycling team will be flagged off at CITAM Woodley and have the following stops:-

  • Naivasha
  • CITAM Nakuru
  • AIC Kericho

Having these stops will enable our team to be able to cycle to CITAM Kisumu.

I can’t believe that in just under 60 more days, we will be cycling from Nairobi to Kisumu. It seems like it was just yesterday when this idea was birthed. A lot has happened and while the effects are yet to physically manifest, I am drained, both spiritually and mentally.

There are times I feel like throwing in the towel and quitting especially when our fundraiser has perpetually stood at 5% of our total target. This used to bother me a lot to a point I lost confidence in myself and ability to raise funds. Were it not for having a loving and caring wife, faithful friends and faith in God, I would have simply given up.

A reason to keep believing and pushing

haly way cycle
Training on Sunday enables us to work with seasoned cyclists

Youth in Kenyan detention facilities seldom get the right tools that can fully reform, rehabilitate, reconcile and reintegrate them back into the community. They often face stigma and rejection from their own family and the community. This increases the possibility of them re-offending and becoming hardened criminals.

Since last year, we have had success that we plan to build our foundation on. We have managed to empower over 45 boys with ICT skills and reconnected them with their families. However, we have discovered that most of these boys seldom want to go back to their families.

Lifesong Kenya seeks to address this by providing a halfway house. Research shows that a halfway house prevents the likelihood of re-offending. It also benefits the offender, family and the community as a whole. That is enough reason for us to keep believing and pushing beyond our physical, mental and spiritual limits.

Will you support our cycling event?

We need your support to enable Lifesong Kenya to provide after care services and fully reform, rehabilitate, reconcile and reintegrate ex-offenders. Support Half Way Cycle now and help juvenile offenders find a lifeline.

To make a donation now, please click on this link.

Alternatively you can use MPesa Paybill 891300, Account: Lifesong

Thank you in advance!

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