Halfway House Program

Lifesong Kenya provides Halfway House Program for male youth who need transitional housing and a safe space for healing and restoration.

During their stay, the program offers after-care services, coaching, mentoring and job preparedness to equip youth. Those who graduate from the program are be able to become more resilient and self-reliant.


  • transitional housing
  • counselling and after-care support
  • life coaching and mentoring
  • crop and poultry farming
  • digital skills training
  • reading campaign
  • debt relief and financial literacy
  • business development
  • personal branding
  • soft skills
  • job preparedness
  • job apprenticeship
  • school holiday camps
  • WOW Educational Fund

How we're using our Halfway House Program

Apart from using our Halfway House Program for providing shelter to boys and young men, we’re also using it for the following:-

  • growing organic vegetables and spices
  • rearing poultry, dairy goats and rabbits
  • engaging in bicycle-related businesses
  • creating jobs and earning income for our beneficiaries and organization 
  • teaching boys and young men hands-on skills in farming and other employable skills

We aim to use our projects to grow our own food, sell our farm produce in the local market and provide work for boys and young men. 

Get involved today as a monthly donor or volunteer and help us empower young men who will co-exist alongside women and girls in the community.

transitional housing program
Our transitional housing program provides male youth with a place to stay and an opportunity to bounce back

Program Location:

Kajiado North | Kajiado County

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