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Lifesong Kenya’s Events for Boys and Young Men offer a wide range of fun experiential activities for male teens. This includes camps, hiking, team building, life coaching, cycling and creative arts.

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During our events for boys, exceptional young men learn about treating women and girls with dignity, honor and respect. They also learn valuable life skills, create a vision board, live on purpose.

If you or a parent you know are looking for experiential learning that can keep your son inspired, create friendships and learn valuable life skills, check out our events.

Our 2023 Events for Boys Calendar

August 2023

Comic Book Making

For Ages 10-17 years

August 14 – 16 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Lifesong Halfway House, Ngong Town

Explore storytelling through creating comics and using pencil art techniques. Get creative and dream up a superhero who overcomes all odds to create a better world for girls and women. Tell the issues the superhero has to face and the transformation they go through and capture the adventure in a comic book!

You can base the comic book on your own story and issues you have had to overcome as a male teen. You’ll work with experienced artists and story writers. By the end of the camp, each camper will have their own original 10-page finished comic book!

Reserved for Born for Greatness 2022 Camp Cohort! 

Chali Wa Nguvu Camp

For Ages 13-17 years

August 18 – 20 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Lifesong Halfway House, Ngong Town

Explore the outdoors through a hike, team building activities while exploring visioning, life purpose, bonfire and finish off with a sumptuous barbecue. Work with other peers to create a roadmap to ending the 2023 academic year with a bang and with a vision to finishing well!

Registration ends on Monday 14th August 2023! 

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Rites of Passage

December: To be confirmed

Lifesong Halfway House, Ngong Town

Transition from being a boy into the threshold of manhood by going through our Rites of Passage Program where you’ll be equipped with vital life skills that you need to be a responsible active citizen who embraces honesty, integrity and accountability. 

You will get the tools that you need to create your vision and learn how to treat women and girls with dignity, honor and respect. 

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