Transformative Justice

Lifesong Kenya runs a 3-month program for male youth who need healing and restoration back to their families and the community.


  • digital skills training
  • mediation 
  • reading campaign
  • debt relief and financial literacy
  • business development
  • personal branding
  • soft skills
  • job preparedness
  • job apprenticeship
restorative justice process
Our transformative justice programs enables incarcerated male youth to heal and reconcile with their families, the police and the community

Program Location: YCTC, Kamiti Prison

Why Donate

Your money goes towards providing counseling, coaching, skills training and other support to male youth exiting juvenile prison.

During the program, our team trains the boys in prison and meets their families, the police and people who have been wronged in order to promote healing and reconciliation.

How Your Money Helps

  • $20 provides bus fare for staff and volunteers who go to prison every 
  • $30 pays for electricity for one month
  • $50 sponsors 2 coaching sessions for 2 boys
  • $100 sponsors 1 boy through our program for 1 month 
  • $140 buys 1 double decker metal bed
  • $200 supports our chicken and farm
  • $250 sponsors school fees for a high school student
  • $300 buys a bicycle and a helmet for 1 graduate
  • $400 sponsors 1 boy for 3 months
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