Lifesong Cycling Hub

Lifesong Cycling Hub aims to promote active non-motorized transportation for personal health, wellbeing, reducing the carbon footprint and creating opportunities for children and youth to build skills in bike repair and learn about climate change and sustainability issues.

Here's how we do it:-

  • bicycle repair
  • recycling gifting children and youth who need bikes
  • promoting cycling for fitness, recreation and mobility
  • discarded bicycle parts
  • creating awareness through monthly bicycle rides 
  • remodeling bicycles 
Lifesong Kenya Bicycle Repair Shop
Creating sustainable opportunities through cycling

Give a Bike or a Toolkit

Give a bicycle that you are not using and help us build a social bicycle project for bike enthusiasts and future bike mechanics.

By repurposing bicycles, you will help us to provide a new beginning for a child or youth who needs a second chance. Help someone to pick up the pieces today.

Ways You Can Help

We are looking for bicycles, bicycle parts, repair stands, pumps and materials that will help equip our workshop.

If you have a bicycle or bike tools you would like to donate to our workshop, please get in touch with us and we will coordinate a drop-off or pick-up appointment (+254719573780)

Your donated bicycle will be repurposed and gifted to a deserving individual who will use it as their means of transport to school or work. 

Lifesong Cycling Hub
Lifesong Cycling Hub creates opportunities for youth (Photo: Cord Allman - Pixabay)

Support Our Work


Please consider giving a gift of $50 because vulnerable male youth and their mothers need your helping hand.
Every amount of money you donate supports youth who need your help the most. Your donation supports youth in the community, prison and at our halfway home.

Become a Patron

Become a Lifesong Kenya Patron and be one of the building blocks of a disenfranchised young man’s future.

We will use your money wisely, and every little bit counts.

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