About Us

About Us

Lifesong Kenya was formed in 2010 and registered as a Community Based Organization in 2013 to empower boys and at-risk male teens through positive masculinity, capacity building and restorative justice. Research shows that boys and young men who lack positive male role models end up lacking direction, purpose and engage in social vices. This often results in engaging in violence, crime, school dropout, alcohol and drug abuse.

About Us

Forging ahead with the knowledge and conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

Our Model

Our model is based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15: 11 – 32).  In this Biblical account, a father provides equal opportunities to his sons. When the wayward son does wrong and commits to amend for his wrongdoing, he is welcomed back by his father. 

This gesture of providing equal opportunities for growth and reconciliation leads to healing and restoration. Above all, it also informs our understanding of God’s love, favour, provision, mercy and forgiving nature.

Consequently, the boys and at-risk male teens that Lifesong Kenya works need resources, skills, employment opportunities, healing and reconciliation in order to thrive in their communities.

That’s why our program is vital for their well-being and that of their communities. It is also the core that builds who we are as channels of positive masculinity, male role models, healing and reconciliation.

About Us

We are a community of passionate individuals who are committed to empowering exceptional male teens and young men to achieve their full potential. Together we inspire both boys and young men through positive masculinity to become positive change makers and leaders in their community. We believe that boys and young men deserve our concerted efforts towards transforming their lives, environment and life situations. We welcome you learn about us, join and support our movement.

Our Mission

To enable at-risk male teens to see possibilities and develop positive masculinity that will enable them to thrive.

Our Vision

To offer individualized and group mentoring and coaching to inspire at-risk male teens to see themselves thriving beyond their limitations and live life to the fullest.

Our Values

Personal Excellence | Courage | Integrity | Responsibility| Compassion | Initiative

Help us to provide the tools that exceptional young men need to thrive!​

We believe that boys and young men deserve our concerted efforts towards transforming their lives, environment and life situations. We welcome you learn to about us, join and support our movement.

Most exceptional young men often blame themselves, their families, community and surroundings for their reality. Their self-esteem and confidence is completely shattered and needs rebuilding. Our first step is to help them replace old habits with new thoughts and ways of doing things.

What we do?

Reaching Out
Reaching Out

We are always there to help boys and at-risk male teens to make sense of the circumstances they’ve found themselves in and outside prison. This enables them to find creative solutions that makes charting a new path possible.


We provide an avenue for boys and at-risk male teens to learn new skills that they can use to find creative solutions. This includes skills training, positive masculinity, financial literacy, soft skills and ensuring that we provide the best learning experience.

Reducing Stigma

Vulnerable boys and at-risk male teens often face stigma and rejection from their peers, families and their community. As a result, they often end up having low self-esteem. We are trying to reduce this through replacing old habits with new attitudes.


Most vulnerable male teens often posses self-esteem and confidence that is shattered and needs rebuilding. Our first step is to help them replace old habits with new thoughts and ways of doing things.


When crime and offence happens, relationships are ruined. As a result, conflicts happen and people who used to relate well don’t see eye to eye.
Our duty and responsibility is to provide a forum for healing and reconciliation between our boys, their families and the people they have hurt.


We rely on building and developing relationships with various stakeholders that include wonderful people like you!
Our success cannot be possible without help from others. We are grateful for those who continue to volunteer their time and skills and generous donations and giving.

It is impossible to fully empower our exceptional young men without wonderful people like you.


Aisha Francis, Project: Restore FIBI Founder

"Project: Restore FIBI (Families Impacted by Incarceration) is committed to supporting families collaterally affected by incarceration through a family-focused approach that centers itself in humanity, compassion and love. In supporting Lifesong Kenya, we invest in the lives of young men, their families and communities by sharing valuable resources and best in class practices. The purpose and legacy of these young men and their families is important; so we proudly partner with Lifesong Kenya to serve local communities, effectively address the issue of incarceration, and equip families for sustainable achievement and success."

Aisha Francis, Project: Restore FIBI

"Lynn and I first met James and his wife while they were empowering a group of girls in 2014. Lifesong Kenya has a heart for young people in hopeless situations and need help to do more. We’ve been supporting the prison ministry and believe it is a program that will transform the lives of many boys and young men. I strongly encourage you to consider supporting Lifesong Kenya and the work that James does with boys and young men."

John Wollwerth, Wollwerth Imagery
About US
John and Lynn Wollwerth

Individual Donors

  • Aisha Francis
  • Ben Brooks
  • Cynthia Wendo
  • Dan Howard
  • Delia Browne
  • Denis Mwaura
  • Grace Nderitu
  • Joanne Waruinge
  • Job Naibei
  • Kevin Odundo
  • Shariffa Noordin
  • Edward Mbogo
  • Joy Howes
  • Peter Okinyi
  • Nancy Okalo
  • Sam Kibiko
  • Terry Hurst
  • Gladys Kamchira
  • Samuel Atandi
  • Ruth Ristine
  • Ruth Gachuhi
  • Samuel Kibiko
  • Michael Buluma
  • John Wollwerth


Our partners’ contribution goes beyond donating money. They share ideas, valuable volunteer time, skills and in-kind support that enable us to build stronger, caring and compassionate young men.

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