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about us
James Ouma is a Teens & Youth Life Coach and Lifesong Kenya Founder who uses his experiences to advocate for restorative justice and diversion approach to solving conflicts
About Lifesong Kenya

Advocating for Second Chances

Lifesong Kenya is a Community Based Organization founded in July 2012 by James Ouma who deeply felt the need to mitigate the Gender Based Violence inflicted on the vulnerable youths throughout their early stages in life till the time they find themselves in the Juvenile Justice System.

As children or youth who are in contact with the law (these are youth in need of care and protection) and those in conflict with the law (these are youth in need of care, protection and rehabilitation since they are victims conditioned by poverty and harsh environments).

The drive to start supporting the youth especially the boy-child was born out of his childhood experience and was rekindled when he met 100 boys at the Nairobi Remand & Allocation Prison, Industrial Area in 2012.

James discovered the psychosocial limitation that conditions these boys to be deviant in nature and he saw the need to divert them from the justice system through rehabilitation and a reintegration model that is more restorative in nature.

Overwhelmed by the reality in the background story of each boy, James decided he will be visiting the prison facility each Friday. That’s how programs by Lifesong Kenya began.

In the routine visits, Lifesong Kenya discovered the following gaps:

  • 60% of the boys had not been visited by their families, needed someone to accompany them to court and someone to visit their families and the people they had wronged. This was a clear indicator that the boys come from dysfunctional families and there was lack of parental responsibility and care.
  • The boys who got released from prison soon came back as hardened criminals due to the vicious cycle they had found themselves in. This brought about the aspect of reintegration and mentorship to break the cycle of recidivism and chance of the boys ending up in the adult prison as hard-core criminals.
  • Most of the families of the young offenders are vulnerable and poor hence the need to engage them in parental care sessions as well as offer economic support to the families.
help end the stigma that affects incarcerated male youth

Our thematic focus areas:

Transitional Housing
  • Providing transitional housing for 3-6 months to boys and male youth aged 13 to 21 years
  • Providing a conducive environment that aids healing and restoration
  • Offering counselling, life coaching, therapy and other psycho-social care and support services
  • Life skills and mentorships
  • Creative hands-on skills
  • Computer literacy and intelligence
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Case screening and reporting
  • Pre-release preparations and counseling
  • Reconnecting child with family members and community
  • School placements, mentorships, and follow-ups

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James ouma

Founder & Exec Director

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Transitional House

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Earnest Okello

ICT & Discipleship

Lifesong Kenya Halfway House Patron

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Halfway House Patron

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Nina Wakesho

Events Coordination

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Jude W Miguda

 Content Management

Each day I go to prison, I admire the resilience and the yearning spirit to bounce-back. I aspire to see more youth tapping into their inner-power and be able to realize their full potential. My greatest hope is that families and institutions can give them a second chance.

James Ouma

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