Our Projects

Lifesong Kenya is working on becoming self-reliant. Not only will this sustain our programs, we’ll also be able to create jobs. As a result, our sustainability plan will produce food for our halfway house and create employment.

By doing this, we will have the capacity to run consistent programs and reach more male youth in our after-school, restorative justice and transitional housing programs.

It is important for us to grow our food, create jobs and generate income. Our projects will equip male youth with valuable skills so they can become resilient. But, in order to actualize this, we need your support. 

our projects

Our Current Projects

Because youth who are in conflict with the law lack opportunities, our approach seek to address this. Our desire is to grow our own food from farming, rabbit keeping, goat rearing and produce surplus that can be sold in the local market.  Here are our current projects.

Vegetable Farming

Poultry Keeping

Lifesong Kenya Rabbit Keeping Project

Rabbit Keeping

Future Projects

Because food requires a lot of funding and resources, our sustainability plan seeks to address this. Our desire is to meet the needs of the Halfway House by offering hands-on skills training and earning income that can be channeled back into our programs and activities.  Here’s our wish list.

Lifesong Kenya Projects

Content Creation

our projects

Recycling Bottles

Lifesong Kenya Bicycle Repair Shop

Bicycle Repair

Support Our Work


You can help end juvenile delinquency!
Please consider giving a gift of $50 because vulnerable male youth need your helping hand.
Every amount of money you donate supports youth who need help the most. Your donation supports youth in the community, prison and at our halfway home.

Become a Patron

Become a Lifesong Kenya Patron and be one of the building blocks of a disenfranchised young man’s future.

We will use your money wisely, and every little bit counts.

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