Lifesong Kenya is creating a safe space where every boy can find treasure instead of focusing on trouble.

What We Do

We are on a mission

Our mission is to be a beacon of hope, healing and transformation, where boys who are facing stigma and trauma can heal, regain their strength, and rewrite the stories of their lives.

Our Programs​

At Lifesong Kenya, we believe in the power of transformation, the resilience of the human spirit, and the potential for every boy to rewrite the story of his life. We are not just a place; we are a journey—a journey toward healing, strength, and a brighter future.

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Where your money goes

Here's where your money goes:-

  • Paying rent for our Halfway House
  • Providing meals at the Halfway House
  • Buying food for our chicken, ducks and rabbits
  • Paying for electricity and water
  • Paying for phone calls to parents
  • Transport to prison and visiting families
  • Counselling and therapy
  • Paying staff allowances

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Our Big Why

Our Founder's Story

When I met 100 boys at the Nairobi Remand Prison in 2012, I saw a reflection of myself in each of them. After my dad died when I was 13 years old, I needed a male role model and a father-figure.

When I tell a boy or a young man, ‘You have infinite treasure that will help you get out of your troubles’ I am speaking from my own experience. 

I recognize the power of using treasure as a long-lasting powerful tool that enables boys and young men to develop dignity, honor and respect for girls and women. This is what inspires me and fuels our vision at Lifesong Kenya!

Who We Are

Our Superheroes

James Ouma


Edward Mbogo


Kevin Ochieng


Cynthia Wendo


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