Lifesong Kenya's mission is to provide a halfway house and a safe space for boys and young men who have gone through trauma, stigma, abuse, neglect or exploitation.

About Us

Lifesong Kenya is a grassroot nonprofit organization that works with boys and young men.

We provide a Halfway House and a safe space to boys and young men who have gone through incarceration, abuse, neglect or exploitation. Our mission is to build a place that young men can call home as they regain their footing.

We welcome you to be part of our growing community that will help boys and young men to thrive in their lives. Here are our programs:-


Our Programs​

Halfway House

Offering transitional housing for boys and male youth who need a safe space and aftercare support for their healing and restoration back to the community. 

Restorative Justice

Reconciling first time offenders and youth who have been wrongly accused with their families, the police and those who have been wronged.

After School

Empowering at-risk boys and male youth who are in school and in the community and preventing them from engaging in social vices and crime.

Our Vision

We are working towards a world where boys and young men can unlock their full potential instead of focusing on what they lack.

By doing this, we help re-create a world where boys and young men can reach a place of:-

  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-reliance
  • Self-expression
  • Self-development
  • Self-achievement

Where your money goes

Would you like to support us?

Our success hugely depends on wonderful supporters like you. We therefore value your giving and donations.

By giving your donations, you enable us to provide a transitional home for at-risk male teens. This helps in their healing, restoration and reconciliation before they reintegrate back to their families and into the community. 

By giving a recurring donation or giving once, you help Lifesong Kenya to achieve it’s mission. 

Here's where your money goes:-

  • Paying rent for our Halfway House
  • Providing meals at the Halfway House
  • Buying food for our chicken, ducks and rabbits
  • Paying for electricity and water
  • Paying for phone calls to parents
  • Transport to prison and visiting families
  • Counselling and therapy
  • Paying staff members who work on our farm

Support Our Work


Please consider giving a gift of $50 because vulnerable male youth and their mothers need your helping hand.
Every amount of money you donate supports youth who need your help the most. Your donation supports youth in the community, prison and at our halfway home.

Become a Patron

Become a Lifesong Kenya Patron and be one of the building blocks of a disenfranchised young man’s future.

We will use your money wisely, and every little bit counts.

Impact Stories

As a mother, it’s extremely hard to accept that your son is involved with social vices. I would get agitated and really question my capacity as a parent. But, Lifesong Kenya held my hand by helping my son to overcome his struggles through coaching and constant guidance.

M.M, Single Mom

The boys and young that Lifesong Kenya works with at our correctional facility have a more positive attitude. They are well behaved, productive and exit prison with more confidence and hope. I strongly encourage wellwishers to support this program.

Charles Manene, Prison Welfare Officer
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