After School Program

after school

Our After School Program targets two groups of boys and male youth. The first group is in primary school while the second group is from communities around our Halfway House.


  • Life coaching and personal branding
  • Creative hands-on skills
  • Digital skills training
  • Life skills and mentorship
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Job preparedness and placements
  • One-on-one mentoring and matching
  • Peace and gender equality advocacy
  • Camping, team building and hiking
  • Counselling, therapy and aftercare

Passing on the baton

1 in every 4 Kenyan boys is unfathered, underfathered or misfathered. As a result, most boys in school and young men in the community lack support that enables them to thrive in the society. 

This makes boys and young men to become more vulnerable to juvenile delinquency, gender based violence, sexual assault, crime and conflict.

However, through our After School Program, boys and young men are able to find the support they need. 

This includes first, providing porridge to children in PP1, PP2 and Grade 1. Secondly, our team runs a weekly programs for boys in Grade 6, 7 and 8. Lastly, we have a weekend program for young men from communities around our Halfway House.

after school program
We engage our staff and volunteers in passing the baton to the next generation of exceptional young men

Program Location: Primary School and Halfway House

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