Our mission is to be a beacon of hope, healing and transformation, where individuals can heal, regain their strength, and rewrite the stories of their lives.


Our mission and committed is focused on empowering boys through the support, skills, and resources necessary to overcome their past challenges and rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose.

Through unwavering compassion, education, counseling, and community, we aim to break the cycle of suffering and equip the young men we serve to emerge as resilient, compassionate, and self-assured contributors to society.


Our vision is a world where every young man, regardless of their past and circumstances, can step into a future filled with promise and potential.

Values Statement

At Lifesong Kenya, we foster positive masculinity and believe that boys and young men deserve a chance to reach their full potential, be listened to and to be accompanied through hardship. 

Here’s our big WHY:

  • 60% of juvenile offenders are not visited by their families and need someone to accompany them to court. This is a clear indicator that support and care is a huge need.
  • 75% of the youth who get released from prison end up become hardened criminals due to the vicious cycle they find themselves in. This calls for breaking the vicious cycle of recidivism so the boys don’t end up in adult prison as hard-core criminals.
  • 90% of families of young offenders need parental care sessions and economic support to visit their sons in prison.
  • Male youth in the community need guidance from adult male role models who can provide mentorship, training and job placements to prevent them from engaging in social vices.

Our thematic focus areas:

Transitional Housing
  • Providing transitional housing for 3 months to male youth aged 18 to 24 years
  • Providing a conducive environment that helps in healing and restoration
  • Hands-on skills through organic farming and social enterprises
After-Care Support
  • Offering therapy, counselling and other aftercare support services
  • Life coaching and mentoring
  • Life skills
  • Job readiness support
  • Building resilience and self-reliance
Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Case screening and reporting
  • Pre-release preparations and counseling
  • Reconnecting child with family members and community
  • School placements, mentorships, and follow-ups


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