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Programs and Activities

Lifesong Kenya recognizes that exceptional young men who lack positive mentoring and a sense of belonging, seek alternatives in violence and substance abuse. As a result, relationships between people in the community are ruined. This being so, our programs and activities provides skills training and a safe space for personal and communal growth.

Lifesong Kenya mediation
REAM Program

Empowering at-risk male teens who are in conflict with the law through reconciliation, equipment of skills, amending for the wrongs done and mediation between the boys and their communities. This includes daily learning sessions, character formation, remote parenting and life skills from Monday to Friday every week.

Lifesong Kenya Mission
After School Program

Our After School Program aims to empower adolescent males in school to help prevent them from engaging in social vices that lead to crime. As a result, we seek to provide a safe place for boys and activities that promote positive masculinity, creativity and innovations.

Half Way Cycle 2020
Half Way Cycle

Raising money and creating awareness about our programs and activities through our annual cycling event. The money raised is used to fund our programs and activities.

Lifesong Kenya Family Enrichment
Family Enrichment Program

Working with parents of our male teens and exceptional young men to ensure that experiences and the home environment aligns with lessons learned in our programs.


Here is what our boys and exceptional young men are saying after passing through our hands.

"I knew about Lifesong Kenya in 2017 when I enrolled in their mentorship and character formation program. Through the program I was able to learn how to use computers, how to relate with people and avoid engaging with bad companies. I have just finished my primary education and look forward to what lies ahead."

Waylong BUMILU


"I was at a crossroad when I got into the Lifesong Kenya mentoring program. Through the program, I learned computer skills, customer care and how to present myself. I can now operate a computer, create business cards and operate other Microsoft Office packages. Moreover, I didn’t know my true identity (as a child of God), and appreciate this mentoring program for helping me to become a good leader, good actor, singer and an upcoming Master of Ceremony."



“When I was joining Lifesong Kenya's REAM Program, I didn’t know how to operate a computer or design business cards. I also did not know that my complainant would withdraw the charges against me and that I would be free to go home. Lastly, the program helped change my character and the way I look at friendship. Thank you Lifesong Kenya for changing my life and helping me to see my full potential!”



The Lifesong Kenya team took very good care of me when I was leaving YCTC and going back to my family. They provided transportation to Fort Ternan and Koru where they negotiated with my step mom and grandmother concerning my reintegration back into the community. This helped me to re-unite with my family. I'm now looking forward to going back to school. Thank you Lifesong Kenya!



"I enrolled for the REAM Program because of the motto which says Empowering and Enriching Lives! Through the program I got to learn how to forgive myself, take full responsibility for my mistakes and ask for forgiveness. I also got connected to my family who started attending my court cases which helped in my healing and reconciliation back to my family and the community where I grew up."

Kennedy MUTUA


When I arrived at YCTC, Mr Abongo (the officer in charge of education) and Mr Masheti (human rights officer) helped me. Without them and Lifesong, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I come from a poor family that still struggles to put food on the table. But after signing up for Lifesong Kenya’s program, I came to realize that there is hope. I learned computer through Lifesong Kenya and I am able to use computers. This is a skill that I could only learn while in prison.



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