Why a Halfway House Makes More Sense Now

Why a Halfway House Makes More Sense Now
Having a halfway house will help us to provide a firm foundation for our boys to find their feet again

We are on our way to Meru to follow up with one of our exceptional young men. As we embark on this new journey, I can’t help but reflect on the past 5 days.

The past 5 days – after our second graduation party – have been a rollercoaster. One of our boys who used to do well in all our classes has failed to rejoin his family and loved ones 5 days after leaving prison.

As a result, the mom now fears to pick phone calls or answer the knock on the door out of fear. That her son is seen hanging out with a gang and roaming around on a motorbike without coming home, is so painful I cannot fathom her pain, remorse, confusion and turmoil.

Everytime we have talked over the phone I have realized why Lifesong KENYA needs a halfway house for boys leaving prison and need more time to successfully reintegrate back into the community.

Why a halfway house makes more sense now

Half Way House
Having a halfway house will help us to provide a firm foundation for our boys to find their feet again

It has gotten to a point where our program requires a halfway house where boys leaving prison can find a temporary safe haven before they transition back into their families and the community. This will enable us to ensure that it is safe for the boys to go back home.

It will also help us to continue the healing and reconciliation process that is needed to create a safe environment for boys joining the community.

Having lost touch with most of the boys who have graduated from our Inside OUT Program, a halfway house is one of the pieces that fills up our jigsaw puzzle. There are boys who have left prison and shouldn’t have been allowed to leave.

I could see it in their eyes, body language and hear it in their voice. They weren’t ready. Take one of our latest graduates, for instance.

Much as it was his mom who picked him up, he never arrived home. By the time we were getting in touch with his mom, they has parted ways.

And the moment we heard this had happened, we feared he wasn’t going to come home. All this would have happen if we had our own halfway house.

That is why I need your help.

What you can do to help


We are looking for a facility to turn into a halfway house because it is going to be an integral part of our success story. There are so many ways you can help.

You can donate a vacant house for one year or rent on subsidized rates. You can also share our need with your family, friends and network.

PayPal address for donations: donations@lifesongkenya.org

Alternatively, you can click on this link and support our fundraiser. Feel free to contribute any amount of your choice and empower us to secure a halfway house. Thanks in advance.

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