I Thought I Was Doing God’s Work

Most of the at-risk male teens we work with seldom take full responsibility for their actions. As a result, they blame the failed system, poverty and poor upbringing as the motivation behind their crime. However, one of our boys recently shared his motivation through I Thought I Was Doing God’s Work.

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I Thought I Was Doing God’s Work

I’m not as innocent as I look. I’ve been a bad person for a very long time. It all begun when I stole for the very time. An old lady was making a phone call while driving in the traffic jam along Uhuru Highway.

Why, did I steal this woman’s phone, you may ask. I stole because she looked rich and I thought God wanted me to teach her a lesson.

You see, most of these rich people don’t treat their employees, customers and house helps well. When I took the phone to a nearby shop I wanted to sell it for 1000 shillings. But the shopkeeper gave me 5000 shillings and told me that he didn’t want to con me out of my hard work and sweat. He asked me to bring him more phones of that kind.

Every time I stole someone’s phone, I was convinced I was doing God’s work. I knew God was using me to punish rich people. But after joining Lifesong Kenya, I am learning how harmful my actions were. I regret what I did and I wish I could have a way of finding the woman I stole from so I can say, sorry😢😢😢

I Hope My Family Will Accept Me Back

I Thought I Was Doing God's Work

Unfortunately, I am in prison right now for a different crime. In the mean time, I am going to learn all I can through Lifesong Kenya. I keep thinking about the mistakes I have committed, the people I have hurt and the damage I have caused.

But this is not how I used to think when I was out there. Before I came to prison, I thought I was doing God’s work through my stealing. I have given Lifesong Kenya the contacts of the last woman I stole from a few months ago. I hope to meet her so I can tell her “I’m sorry.” I also hope that my family will forgive me and accept me back.

An account by *George Gitaru, during Lifesong Kenya Reset Session

What’s Your Response?

Do you think that George Gitaru will find forgiveness and that his parents will accept him back? Email us your response or leave comments on the form below.

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