Sponsor 1 Boy and Help Fund Lifesong Kenya

Do you remember your first time attending summer camp?

Maybe it was through your church, a scout organization or your community? What was it like? Can you smell the campfire, hear the songs, remember the comradery?
Did you learn valuable life lessons that you have carried into your adulthood?

Sponsor 1 Boy and Help Fund Lifesong Kenya

We are reaching out to you to help sponsor a similar experience for a male teen who lives in economically hard circumstances. A boy whose parents would never be able to afford to pay for a camp experience.

Sponsor 1 Boy and Help Fund Lifesong Kenya

Born 4 Greatness Camp 2020

Our Born 4 Greatness Camp offers a perfect opportunity to a male teen who will be attending camp for the very first time. This camp will empower boys in the following areas:-

  • finding clarity
  • embracing positive masculinity
  • setting smart goals
  • making new friends

Please consider sponsoring a male teen who needs this and share widely. We have 15 boys in our after-school program that we would love to include on this trip.

The 3-days and 2-nights camp will cost $50 per participant. This money will cater for:-

  • camp entry fees
  • transport to and from the camp site
  • meals
  • activities, and
  • swimming

Proceeds from the camp will be used to finance Lifesong Kenya’s at-risk male teens empowerment program. Since our program runs from Monday to Friday every week, we need resources and funding.

That is why our team is organizing this camp. Are you ready to donate?

Lifesong Kenya Programs
Your support enables Lifesong Kenya to provide vital services for at-risk male teens

Click on Born 4 Greatness Camp to donate any amount of your choice. Your donation will help sponsor 1 boy and help fund Lifesong Kenya. Not only will you help fund our program activities. You will help one or more boys to have an experience they will live to remember.

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