Why Hiring Ex-Offenders Is Beneficial For A Healthy Community

Hiring ex-offenders is beneficial to the individual, their family, the hiring organization and the whole community. That is why hiring ex-offenders is beneficial for a healthy community.

Why Hiring Ex-Offenders Is Beneficial For A Healthy Community

Do you have a job vacancy that needs filling?

Would you consider giving a job to a young man who has had stint in prison?

Do ex-offenders have the required skills, honesty and the integrity it takes to accomplish a task?

If you have been asking yourself these questions – and many more – read on…

With proper assistance, ex-offenders reintegrating back into the community are able to overcome stigma associated with having been incarcerated. First of all, hiring ex-offenders is beneficial for a healthy community. Secondly, is helps save families and rehabilitate those who desire to get their lives back on track.

What Skills Do Lifesong Kenya Graduates Have?

Lifesong Kenya graduates
Our graduates learn essential skills that are vital in the job market

Our graduates usually undergo rigorous training that includes the following:-

  • Computer based training
  • Customer care skills
  • Character formation

In addition, we also ensure that the boys are reconciled with their families back home. This involves visiting calling and visiting family members. After we have spoken to the family, we get in touch with the police officers involved with the boys and the people our boys wronged.

Doing this enables real healing, reconciliation and restoration of relationships to happen. At Lifesong Kenya, we believe that reconciliation helps repair the damage that crime and offense caused in relationship between the offending party and the community.

This healing process also ensures that the boys we recommend for job apprenticeships have fully reconciled have shown interest in becoming fully functional members of the society.

Why Hiring Our Graduates Will Benefit the Community

Job creation
Male youth-owned business venture serve as an example to boys growing in the community

Lifesong Kenya already has a list of exceptional young men who graduated from our program. Three of them are in need of short term employment opportunities. These young men have been depending on Lifesong Kenya for bus fare – to and from – school, pocket money, school supplies and other basis needs.

Providing them with a job will be beneficial to the community for a number of reasons such as:-

  • They will learn the value of earning an income
  • Stop depending on handouts and welfare from people
  • Avoid the path that leads to re-offending and recidivism
  • Getting work experience that is vital for their career growth


While there are some people who exit prison and return to their old habits, when they reintegrate back into the community, there is hope. There are many people, right from the very beginning of their sentences, who do everything under their power to learn new skills.

Finally, such people do all they can to learn how to avoid prison when they get released. As a result, they acquire employable skills and transform their attitudes and character. These are the kind of people that every company wants to hire. Helping such people to thrive is a great and fulfilling thing to do.

Are you ready to provide a job apprentice to one of our exemplary program graduates?

Feel free to contact us. We have a number of exceptional young men who need a job opportunity. This will enable them to earn an income during the upcoming school long holiday. Furthermore, we will also contribute to having safer, functional and healthy families.

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