REAM Program Campaign is Gaining Momentum

Last week, we launched a social media campaign where we were asking for support for our program. Continue reading and find out how our REAM Program is gaining momentum.

REAM Program campaign is Gaining Momentum
Our REAM Program is offering the boys a lifeline and hope for better things

Mobilizing resources and funding is part and parcel of empowering vulnerable groups. Of course, working with vulnerable calls for much more than the availability of resources and funding. It calls for passion, love and compassion for vulnerable groups.

Lifesong Kenya is not an exception.

Our core purpose is a love, devotion and commitment to empowering exceptional young men. We meet these young men in informal school, at our shop and in juvenile prison.

For the past 6 or so years, it is our passion that has kept our vision and dream alive. We have used reading, film and music in our work. We have used our personal stories and examples to empower boys.

At some point, using sewing thread, needles and buttons sustained our work. But as we kept growing we knew we would need much more than being available and being passionate. This mean looking for external resources and funding.

REAM Program campaign is gaining momentum

Employable skills
Empowering boys with employable skills calls for external resources and funding

With time, we realized we had to offer the boys employable skills and had to be in prison from Monday to Friday, every week. We begun going to prison consistently in November 2017.

We have had help and support from a few of our friends such as John Wollwerth, Delia Browne, Joan Waruinge as well as using our personal resources to sustain the program.

Our program has been so successful we have been given the room to explore all of our ideas. This means conducting more activities and having more personnel in terms of staff members and volunteers.

Kicking off our campaign

Last week, we posted an appeal on social media. Our idea is to find 200 men and women who are willing to support us with as little as Kshs. 850 ($8.50)
on monthly basis.

This will enable us to sustain our juvenile prison program that is now running from Monday to Friday every week. We need to take care of the following expenses:-

  • administration
  • calling and tracing parent and the people the boys have wronged
  • following up with boys who have rejoined their families
  • transport to and from prison
  • allowances for staff members and volunteers

We already have 10 supporters who have joined and committed to supporting Lifesong Kenya’s programs. We are grateful and appreciate the people who have already signed up. However, we still need more.

Where do you come in?

We need your support. You can choose to support on a monthly basis, or after every 3 months or better still, just give once. You can use Wave, PayPal or your credit card to support.

REAM Program


Lifesong Kenya hopes and plans to empower 100 boys this year and we are going to depend on your support. You can offer your skills from wherever you’re by helping out online.

All that is required is the willingness to support someone else. You can also support with any amount of your choice. Every amount counts. We look forward to receiving your support and having you on board.

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