Meeting the Needs of the Sons of None

Meeting the Needs of the Sons of None

God’s goodness, mercy and faithfulness overwhelms me. By providing the resources to buy floaters for some of the boys Lifesong Kenya mentors in juvenile prison, God showed He is capable of doing much more than the boys will ever fathom, imagine or envision.
God’s thy fullness is so great, Micah Stampley has this to say;
Do you realize He never gives a used day? He never gives us leftovers!”

Great is Thy Faithfulness

We finally distributed floaters to some of our boys and still need more. Our boys were also happy to receive two mothers who visited with us today. It isn’t funny that the boys are yet to see us bring a man (a father figure) for a visit. We have had 2 visitors before today and all of them have been women.
In fact, a majority of those who contribute and answer our calls for resources are women, including those who bought the floaters I will be delivering today. Having grown up around women, our boys usually thirst for male visitors.
Yesterday was a special day for me. I bought floaters and later, met a wonderful man who walked out of prison – free and stronger – after 10 years. During our conversation, he mentioned the father wound and how he wished fathers would gift their children lots of their presence as opposed to buying tangible presents.

Meeting the Needs of the Sons of None

By taking care of other people’s sons we end up developing a strong nation where our daughters and their children will be nurtured by strong, responsible and loving husbands and fathers. Our actions will enable us to raise young men of character, courage and conscience. It all begins with meeting the needs of the sons of none.
The boys who received floaters today had lots of things to say about their confinement in prison and what the future holds for them. Their decision to start embracing non-violent means of making money while still in prison is as a result of people visiting to encourage them, getting footwear and calling their parents and the people they have wronged through crime. This enables the boys to discover they are loved and appreciated.
When you support our work, you end up touching not only our hearts but the boys’ lives forever. We have witnessed hundreds of boys leave the the prison completely changed simply because someone like you send a donation that enabled us to have transport to go to prison, money to call parents as well as buying footwear. We look forward to your continued support and prayers.


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