Baby Pink Shirts and Prison Bed Bugs

Baby Pink Shirts and Prison Bed Bugs
I have learned how to contain my fear for prison bed bugs
It has been ages since the CITAM Woodley Music Team wore baby pink during ministry. And when it eventually happened yesterday, I also had to deal with a bed bug I must have ferried off from prison where Lifesong KENYA has its weekly mentoring sessions on Friday.
We were in the basement listening to a group do a presentation based on the book of Romans when the bed bug chose to show up. I actually felt there was a tiny bulldozer crawling on my right wrist before I saw it.

Baby Pink Shirts and Prison Bed Bugs

 My blood turned cold when I saw a blood-filled bed bug on my wrist. A tinge of shame caused my heart to throb in fear. Oh no, I growled without making a sound. We had just sang a special song whose chorus went like this…
There are so many hurdles along the way
There’s so much resistance I meet
But I’m always on the move
I’ve set my eyes to qualify for heaven’s crown.”
The more I reflected on those words, the less I felt embarrassed. I remember the very first time I sat on a prison bed teeming with bed bugs. My first reaction was to bolt up and flee. But God gave me peace and reassurance that all was going to be well with me.
Having sat beside one of the boys, I extended my hands towards the boy. “Let’s pray and trust God for your freedom and to enable your family to visit you before you leave,” I said as the boy grasped my hands.
Since that day, I have trusted God to deflect and protect me from bed bugs. It is a desperate request He has faithfully honored. I have been going and coming out of prison without bothering about bed bugs.
However, the thought of someone seeing a crawling blood-filled bed bug on my baby pink worship team uniform is no small occurrence. It also doesn’t mean that God has forgotten to honor my plea for protection. He cares, deeply. Here is His promise from Isaiah 54:4a:
“Do not be afraid; you will not suffer shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated.”

In Conclusion

I choose to believe and trust in God’s divine word, promises and protection. Not only is God deflecting and protecting me from bed bugs, He is also providing for our ministry, work with boys and personal needs. And for that, I am grateful. Glory, honor, praise and worship to Our Almighty Wow-Awesome God!

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