17-year-old Yusuf Yahya was one of Lifesong Kenya’s Restorative Justice Program in 2019. Before he got arrested, Yusuf used to sell roasted groundnuts along Mombasa Road. This is a series that follows his experiences as a first time juvenile offender and how Lifesong Kenya supports exceptional young men like him.

Hatching the Plan

After Yusuf entered the phone repair shop, he was welcomed to feel at home. As he looked around, he saw each of the things that he had a desire to own. He saw a gigantic Sony Bravia TV hanging from the wall and 7.1 Sony Surround Speakers where soft reggae music boomed.

“I can see you are a Sony guy, just like me,’ his host said, noticing how Yusuf was drinking in everything.

“Yes, I like a good things,” Yusuf replied.

“A good TV, sound system, a good life and a beautiful girl to come home to in the evening when all the hard work is done,” his host continued. “Like I have been telling you, there are easier ways to earn more than what most hard working people at Industrial Area are earning.

“You must work smart by using this,” the host said, pointing at his head. “Working smart is a sure bet that will keep you ahead of the rest. Remember, you and your mom deserves the very best in life. If you want to deny yourself good things in life, don’t do the same thing to your mom!”

“There’s no one who doesn’t want a better life,” Yusuf said.

“Exactly! That’s what I want to hear!”

“What do I need to do?” Yusuf asked.

His host didn’t answer directly. Instead, he opened a drawer and revealed 5 phones. Yusuf’s eyes almost popped from out of their sockets!

For the first time in his life he was able to touch an IPhone, Samsung, Redmi, Oppo and OnePlus.

“Go on, touch and experience how it feels to hold true success in the palm of your hands…!

End of Part 2


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