Before receiving Lifesong Kenya’s Care Package, Salome Njuguna was pregnant and expecting to give birth after 3 miscarriages. When she found out that she was pregnant she broke the news to her ex-husband.

Instead of being happy, he suggested an abortion, which she declined. Her pregnancy being a delicate one, she was given bed rest by the school where she was working as a Lower Primary School Teacher.

When she was 22 weeks pregnant, her husband walked out on her. Not being able to pay rent and take care of herself, Salome went to stay with her cousin. But there was one more important thing left. Salome needed food and clothes for her unborn baby.

Salome Njuguna
Salome wants to start a business

“When I was 22 weeks pregnant, my husband walked out on me. I was very worried about my welfare and that of my unborn child. Luckily, Lifesong Kenya came to my rescue. When I experienced bleeding and needed to be taken to hospital, Lifesong took care of everything and made sure I got the right help.
The members of the organization, through their supporters, even
organized a surprise Baby Shower for me and enabled me to get a cooking gas, essential items for myself and my baby.”

Salome Njuguna

Sally’s Dream

Salome plans to start a business of sewing clothes and needs Kshs. 5,000 ($50) to buy a sewing table and other materials. To support, leave a note with your donation with the word ‘SALLY’


Fast Forward

Fast forward to the present. Salome has given birth to a baby girl and plans to become self-sufficient and independent. She wants to start a business of sewing clothes for clients so she can provide for her own needs and start saving so she can go to teacher training college.

Currently, she owns a sewing machine head and needs to get a sewing table and other things before she can kick-start her clothes’ designing business. To support Salome, simply donate on our fundraising channels and leave a note with the word ‘SALLY.’ For those donating using our Safaricom Paybill: 574 329, write ‘SALLY‘ as the account name.

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