Lifesong Kenya is Looking for You

Are you looking for an opportunity make and leave a long lasting impact on this generation? Lifesong Kenya is looking for you! Read on and find out why you should consider plugging into our programs and activities.

According to officials at Kamiti Prison, more than 75% of boys who exit juvenile prison often face stigma and rejection from family members. On the other hand, victims of crime experience trauma due to lack of reconciliation.

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As a result, efforts to completely restore and reintegrate ex offenders back into communities where they belong is hampered. When this happen, ex-offenders relapse into committing crimes and going back to prison as hardened criminals.

We have already experienced this after losing touch with the boys that Lifesong Kenya has worked with in the past two years. Diamond’s case keeps coming to mind. While in prison, Diamond showed potential of a young man who was willing to mend his ways.

However, we failed him by not following through.

This failure is a big blot in our work with boys and it is a source of regret. The fact that this happened under my watch still causes me a lot of personal discomfort. You can read the link below to find out what happened.

Diamond and His Mom Are MIA

A new beginning full of promise

CITAM Missions and Outreach
Earnest Okello and I poses for a photo with Rev. Patrick Kuchio during our courtesy call at the CITAM Missions office at CITAM Valley Road last year

Since its inception, we have used buttons, threads and sewing needles to sustain our mission and vision. Much as we honor our humble beginnings, we have discovered that effective and successful prison programs require resources and funding.

While we are already cycling to prison for our programs, Lifesong Kenya still needs resources. I am coming to realize how challenging cycling to and from prison is. It is a physical activity that needs mental strength – and oh – servicing the bike and feeding our bodies!

“Our loved ones leaving prison need skills they can use to successfully reintegrate back into the community. Our role is to ensure that these skills are made available.”

—- Rev. Patrick Kuchio, CITAM Missions and Outreach Head Office

I know what you’re thinking…

These boys have hurt the society and perhaps you have been a victim. Maybe you also know a friend or family member who has been robbed of their precious phone, laptop or something valuable. Or maybe you have watched and read news of defilement and want to see our exceptional young men pay for their sins by rotting in prison.

Granted, anyone who has committed a crime deserves to pay for their sins. Our boys are already doing this by being in prison and serving time. This is a golden opportunity for them to reflect on what they need to do in order to walk a different path. That calls for you and I to get involved.

Why youths exiting prison needs your support

Our experience shows that youths who exit prison without skills go on to make bad choices. They end up re-offending and going back to prison as hardened criminals who continue the cylce of recividism and crime.

Ex-offenders find themselves embroiled in a vicious cycle of re-offending. With time, they become hardened criminals who cause more harm to our families, the people we love and our investments.

This is not good for society as a high proportion of offenders are young males who, with the right skills, would be able to live meaningful and worthy lives.

So, where do you come in?

Lifesong Kenya is looking for you

Lifesong Kenya is addressing this by involving 100 boys exiting juevnile prison in our restorative justice program. Through this program our boys will gain employable skills they can use after they exit prison.

This will also enable us to reconcile the boys with their families and the people they have wronged. We need your support for this to happen.

Right now, we are teaching 25 boys using 3 working desktop computers. This is not adequate. We have come a point where our personal resources can no longer sustain our work. That is why we are reaching out to you for support.

Here are ways you can plug in:-

  • One-off basis where you commit a certain amount of money to our work
  • Monthly contributions where you contribute a preferred amount on a monthly basis
  • Quartely – support after every 3 months

Final thoughts

Last year, Lifesong Kenya managed to graduate more than 50 boys. One of these boys has already joined college. These are successes we would like to build on by empowering 100 boys this year.

We can not do this alone. Our plan is to find 100 people who will support us with as little as Kshs. 1,000 per month. Every amount counts… Contact us today and find our how you can plug in.

Lifesong Kenya is looking for you
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