I am in prison for abuse and tempting fate is an account that was shared by 19-year-old *Kennedy Mwanzia. Having seen most drivers drive without a valid license, Kennedy depended on two things.

First, he knew he was going to get lucky. Secondly, he knew he would use the 50 shillings he had to bribe a corrupt police officer. 

According to the Kenyan Law, a driver needs to have a valid licence while driving. The licence specifies the type of vehicle the driver is eligible to drive. Failure to produce a valid license attracts a fine of Ksh. 7,000.

Since Kennedy had not gone to a driving school and did not have a license, the law considered him as being unqualified. As a result, the law required him to pay a fine of Ksh. 7,000. Follow this link for a list of minor traffic offences and their corresponding fines.

Kennedy’s luck ran out the moment a police officer stopped and asked him for a license. His attempt to bribe his way out failed and he was lucky not to be charged for attempting to bribe a police officer.

Here’s the full account in his own words.

I am in Prison for Abuse and Tempting Fate
Driving is a skill that anyone can learn regardless of their education. Photo: Nina Stock/Pixabay.com

Here I am in Prison for Abuse and Tempting Fate

My name is *Kennedy Mwanzia and I am 19 years old. My friends call me Kento. As per my knowledge, I studied up to Form 3. I was performing average and knew I had potential. When I was in school, I wanted to study computers and later become a computer engineer. But I could not get access to computers because my school did not have them.

Last year in December, I decided to go upcountry for Christmas. Since I had been learning how to drive, I decided to improve my skills. Because my uncle had a car, I used it to improve my skills. My mom would send me money to buy petrol and I would spend a lot of time driving in Kitui Town.

One day, I got unlucky. I can say I was unlucky because I had never seen police officers on that road before. I also thought that because I was from the city, the rural police officers would not dare touch me. But I was wrong, okay?

I got arrested and taken to court. Now I am at Kamiti YCTC and count it as a blessing. I can give God all the glory for answering my prayers. This is because I am able to learn how to use a computer.

My Experience with Lifesong Kenya

It is funny that I had to come to prison to have the experience of touching a computer. Life is funny (bursts into laughter), I tell you. That, I Kento, had to commit a crime in order to get an opportunity to learn how to use a computer! Let me say that I am very grateful to Lifesong Kenya and Teacher Earnest.

Being in this class is enabling me to gain valuable skills like graphic design, personal branding and how to treat women and girls. I am also learning how to treat customers and meet their needs. At first, it was very difficult to be in this class. You know, I have never been given a choice to choose between staying in a class or opting out.

But with time, I realized Teacher Earnest and James deeply cares about us. I am grateful that I will be leaving prison with skills in using computers.

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