On May 10 2020, I was taking a nap at my sister’s house in Ndumberi, Kiambu. A few minutes past 1 in the afternoon, the Lifesong Kenya team made up of James, Cynthia and Kevin visited and told me they had come to prepare lunch so we could celebrate what God was doing in my life.  Read on and find out how a surprise baby shower changed the tide for me.

how a surprise baby shower changed the tide
I have experienced nothing but kindness since I met James and Cynthia

As a pregnant woman during Covid-19, I was worried about both my present and future life. More so, I was worried about my unborn baby and how I was going to provide for her.

But on April 29, 2020 James visited me while I was staying at my cousin’s house at Gichagi, Ngong Hills. Though he had said during our phone call that he was going to come on a bicycle, I was still surprised to see him pushing his bike. The rain water and mud clung on his shoes and bicycle wheels.

After we had invited him into the house, it begun raining. They say that rains are a blessing and I was hopeful of what God in store for me. James asked for our shopping list and I remember mentioning that I needed stuff for myself and for my baby. James assured me that he was going to try his best to make sure that my baby and I are well taken care of.

Because he had brought diapers for my cousin’s 7-month old son, I believed him. He also asked about my future plans and what I desired to do after Covid-19 is over. When it stopped raining, we escorted James and bid goodbye. He promised to keep checking on us and left us a whole week’s supply and diapers for one month for my cousin’s baby.

I did now know that God was going to use James and Cynthia, his wife, in a very big way.

How a Surprise Baby Shower Changed the Tide For Me

Almost a week later, I went for a routine check at a clinic in Ngong Town. On my way there, I experienced spot bleeding and had to do tests to see what was happening. Now knowing what else to do, I called James who promised to come pick me up.

After picking me up, we went to the Coptic Hopsital along Ngong Road. Since we weren’t able to see a doctor, James called Cynthia, his wife. The two of them decided to host me for the night so they make phone calls and find me the best gynecologist.

The next morning, James too me to see a gynecologist who done tests and prescribed medication that has helped me a lot. I was taken back to my cousin’s place and Lifesong Kenya gave us our second care package to take us through the week.


how a surprise baby shower changed the tide
Having a surprise baby shower is God’s signs that He cares

A few days later, I made another phone to James and requested to be driven from Gichagi to Ndumberi so I could stay close to the hospital where I am scheduled to give birth. For me, I think the surprises kept coming in, one after the other. Soon, it started feeling like I was in a dream.

All these good things were happening to transform my life. God was replacing my pain with His blessings, provision and favour. He had given me people who were ready to ensure that I got the best medical care, I had food and transport whenever I needed help.

On May 10, James, Cynthia and Kevin came to my sister’s house. They told me they had come to have lunch and spend time with me. As Cynthia begun preparing lunch, James said he wanted to finish some work online. It turns out he was setting me up for a surprise.

I only knew it was my baby shower when I realized I was in a Zoom meeting with John and his wife, Lynn Wollwerth, Kavita Doshi, Margaret, Rhoda, Val Dorothy, a lady who called herself Oppo A and Nyatti.

Celine Njoki, a friend I had met on Facebook and Charity soon joined as my baby shower continued. As I am speaking right now, I feel loved and cared for. God has replaced my worries and sorrows with His love and gave me a family that cares about me.

I Thank Lifesong Kenya and Those Offering Their Support

I look back at everything that is happening in my life with gratitude. I would like to say a big thank you to Charity for providing the colourful cake. Thank you Celine Njoki for sharing my story with Lifesong Kenya and being a friend indeed.

Thanks to Aisha and your daughter for recording videos that I will keep as beautiful memories. Caroline, thanks for the voice recording. Thank you to James and Cynthia for walking with me. I feel blessed and appreciate everything that you are doing in my life.

And for those who are supporting Lifesong, I would like to say a big thank you too. Your generous giving has given me hope, peace and joy. God bless you!

Lifesong Kenya's Weekly Care Package

I didn’t know that meeting Celine on Facebook would be a blessing waiting to happen in my life
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