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There is something very fulfilling, when you see a young man, who the society thought had no prospects, flourish. So, imagine my joy when Waylong told me, “One day, I’ll reshape the landscape of this city.”

Waylong Bulimu is one of our beneficiaries who need transitional housing. Becoming an architect has always been Waylong’s biggest dream. Having graduated from our REAM Program in 2017 and with nowhere else to go, St Joseph Caffaso Consolation House took Waylong in.

On our part, we committed to being his guardian and supporting him financially. Through Caffaso’s support, Waylong was able to join high school in January 2020.

Unfortunately, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck in March, the Caffaso was closed due to the lockdown and Waylong’s dreams were momentarily cut short. With no place to call home and no food to eat, Waylong and his brother became vulnerable. But there was something burning in Waylong’s eyes, like a flame that the wind of misery was not able to destroy: he still had his dream.

For the following three months we did our best to provide the two boys fresh food and support through our Care Package Program.

“I have never seen so much food in my life. I barely remember what it means to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner,”

Waylong Bulimu

Waylong’s Hope and Life Long Dream

Waylong's Hope and Life Long Dream
By spending more time with us, Waylong found a father-figure and big brothers to lead and guide him /Photo: Onjie Creations

During these months, we spent a lot of time together watching movies, learning new skills, and talking about the future. By becoming a father-figure and big brothers to look up to, we have seen Waylong blossom like a flower in springtime. He is now more confident, happy, curious, and talkative, things he wasn’t when we first met.

By spending more time together we were able to learn how best to empower Waylong’s hope and life long dream. We were able to start thinking about providing a Half Way House. This enabled us to start looking for vacant houses we can rent.

We also begun looking for ways to connect our exceptional young men with job opportunities. As a result, we have been able to work on collaborations with different job providers as well as start supporting small business owned by those we have been supporting.

Notice to Find a New House

A few weeks ago, Waylong’s uncle told him and his brother that he is planning to get married. With the space at his uncle getting smaller, Waylong is once again stranded.  With schools being closed till January 2021, finding a place where Waylong and his brother can stay is one of our urgent priority.

We would like to provide a safe place where Waylong, his brother and other exceptional young men can find refuge and start rebuilding their lives. When we see the light in Waylong’s eyes, we can’t help but see the same future too.

Lifesong Kenya Half Way House
We’ve already found vacant house that are ideal for Lifesong Kenya’s Half Way House. With your help, we can secure one of them

We can do this, but with your help. We have already found a house that is perfect for our need. Support our Half Way Cycle fundraiser and take part in raising young responsible men in society. Your support will help us to raise 1 year’s rent and enable Lifesong Kenya to provide transitional housing for boys and exceptional young men who need a safe place.

You can join as a cyclist, sponsor one of our cyclist and share as widely as you can. By doing this, you will be able to contribute towards enabling Waylong’s hope and life long dream to come true.

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