Transformative Justice

Our transformative justice  targets boys who are first time ofenders or male youth who have been wrongly convicted. 

The program aims to do the following things. First, we empower first time offenders to learn about the harm they’ve caused. Secondly, we help them to accept responsibility for their behaviour. Thirdy, they come up with ideas on how to make amends for the damage they’ve caused.

Last but not least, we help young offenders to connect with their families and the people they’ve wrong. This helps to cultivate an ideal environment for healing and reconciliation. It also, helps to reduce offending by children and young people and improve community safety.

This includes working with others to provide genuine opportunities for children and young people to turn their lives around.


  • Life coaching and personal branding
  • Creative hands-on skills
  • Digital skills training in partnership with BAKE
  • Counselling, therapy and aftercare
  • Life skills and mentorship
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Calling and visiting families and those who’ve been wronged
  • Mediation and reconciliation with family and those who’ve been wronged
restorative justice program
Invest in our programs by giving male youth a second chance

Program Location: YCTC, Kamiti Prison

Why transformative justice matters

Imagine ending up in prison after getting wrongly accused and having no one to stand by your side. For most first time offenders in Kenya, this is the harsh reality.

Boys and young men in juvenile prison have to endure harsh conditions that come with not being believed and the stigma that comes with it. 

Since 1 in every 4 Kenyan boys is unfathered, underfathered or misfathered, lack of proper restorative justice forces at-risk male youth to become more vulnerable to juvenile delinquency, gender based violence, sexual assault, crime and conflict.

However, through our transformative justice program, first time offenders and male youth who are wrongly accused find a lifeline. 

Through your generous support, Lifesong Kenya is able to reconcile and restore boys and male youth back to their families and communities. 

Our Programs and activities
Engaging boys in juvenile prison in our Restorative Justice approachat-risk male youth to have a second chance in life and avoid stigma that comes with conflict
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