The Truth About Remarkable Mission Activities

The truth about remarkable mission activities is that you just need to sign up. That is all it takes. Even if you have no idea what you are going to do, just sign up and avail yourself.

The truth about remarkable mission activities


the truth about remarkable mission activities
Peter ‘Pistar’ Mbugua sharing his testimony during a Lifesong Kenya session

As we delve deeper into reading the Bible, we discover that missions lies at the center of all God’s concern. Thus, we need to make missions part and parcel of our walk in Christ. When people hear about missions, they think about their lack of capacity. Yet, it is the small things that fill up the complex mission puzzle.
I remember attending a Kairos Class at CITAM Valley Road a few years ago. Everything sounded so complex. Not that the speakers complicated things, I just made missions complex. I thought I needed extra capacity than what I was capable of. It took me about a year before I signed up for my first mission.
The mission to Baragoi
In December 2014, I signed up for a mission that was going to change view of missions. I had just proposed to my wife-to-be. Besides this, I also had a big growth at the back of my neck. These two things occupied my mind; before, during and after the mission.
Since schools had closed for the December holiday, I was at a loss about what I was going to do. The children I was going to meet did not speak English, Swahili or Dholuo, my mother tongue.
As I sat in the bus, I kept wondering about what lay ahead of me. I looked at my toolbox which had the following:-

  • sewing needles
  • thread
  • buttons

I kept asking myself whether this was going to be enough. I kept hearing my fiancee’s reassurance, over and over.
Am I doing the right thing?” I asked.
Everything is going to be okay,” she had said the day before I left Nairobi. “Just trust God to use your toolbox.”

The making of Jim Buttons


the making of jim buttons
Sewing buttons for children in Baragoi changed my view of missions

I used my toolbox throughout the mission. I greeted and spoke to each child I met in Dholuo. They all responded in their mother tongue. Even though we did not understand each other, the smiles on our faces told a lot.  I realized all I needed was my needles, sewing thread and buttons.
I spent my time sewing children’s torn clothes and replacing missing buttons. I did this every day. The others engaged in the following:-

  • washing people’s feet and curing jiggers
  • fumigating houses
  • issuing eye glasses
  • ministering during crusades

One afternoon, a tall man stood and watched what I was doing. I later learned he had said my face expressed peace and joy. If only he knew about my preoccupation. All I was thinking about was my upcoming wedding and need for urgent surgery.
While speaking to the man, I mentioned that he should give his life to Christ. I resumed my work as an usher led him to a pastor. Since then, my view of mission has never been the same.
Three things have happened so far. I became known as Jim Buttons as a result of using buttons. Secondly, I got married eight months ago. Thirdly, I had surgery on my neck thanks to the people I met during the mission. I am mentioning these things so that you can know the power behind the truth about remarkable mission activities

So, what’s next?

Perhaps you are wondering what you need to do. The answer is simple. Just sign up and avail yourself. Leave the rest to God. He knows where He will send you. Be open-minded. Don’t choose missions that seem to be comfortable and easy to do. Besides, why get involved if it is too easy?
Small things you can do during a mission:-

  • Cooking
  • Serving people
  • Witnessing to others about Christ
  • Leading praise and worship
  • Cheering up the other weary missioners

In conclusion
I encourage you to sign in your church for missions. By doing so, you will engage in what lies at the center of all God’s concern. You can watch this video and find inspiration of what you can do. Better still, feel free to get in touch for opportunities. I can assure you that your life will never be the same again. That is the truth about remarkable mission activities.
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