Today is Sunday, meaning we can finally take a much deserved break. We have been cycling and meeting families who need our help. Though this is a general summary, it focuses mainly on Serving Household #22.

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Our original plan was to feed 10 families of the children who belong to Lifesong Kenya’s After-School Program.

Then, we realized we had forgotten to include their teaches on our list. As a result, we added 10 households. 3 days ago, we got a request to meet Household #22.

Serving Household #22

Learn more about our approach here: Food Care Package

Household #22 is headed by Alice Wangui who was referred to Lifesong Kenya by Clifford Oluoch who heads the Homeless of Nairobi. After getting her phone number from Clifford, we contacted her and got directions to her house.

The next day, our staff cycled from our headquartes to Waruku, Nairobi. Since it was drizzling the road was slippery. The numerous potholes on the road made the journey more difficult. In addition, reckless matatu drivers made the trip more dangerous by their constant swerving, in and out of traffic and running red lights.

Lifesong Kenya customizes its care package acroding to the individual needs of each family

Serving Household #22

When we eventually arrived where Google Maps indicated the house was, we called Alice. Because she is not able to walk, she sent one of her children. After her son picked us up, we pushed our bicycles on the slippery road.

The moment we arrived at the house, I realized we had made the right decision by visiting. Alice was lying on her bed. She narrated to us her situation and how each of her three children lost their jobs due to Covid-19. 

Her eldest son used to work at fast food joint in town while her daughter was employed as a waiter at a food kiosk in the neighbourhood. Her other son was employed as a driver, a month before the Covid-19 quarantine directive was announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This has made it difficult for Alice, who was getting support from her children to put food on the table. Her medical condition also means that she can only eat a specified diet of traditional vegetables.

During our visit, we learned that another organization had donated foodstuffs to her. However, she needed cooking gas, wheat flour, charcoal and walking crutches. Our team provided gas, charcoal, traditional vegetables and promised to find crutches.

Alice and her family are not the only family that Lifesong Kenya is supporting during Covid-19, there 20-plus families that we are supporting and we need your help and support.

Why We Need Your Support

Our Food Care Package offers you the perfect opportunity to support a unique approach that empowers the whole community. Our approach involves sitting down with our beneficiary in order to find out what specific thing they need.

Once we have agreed on a list and a budget, the beneficiary links us to their neighbours, friends or families who sell in the community where we pay for supplies. We have already provided support for 20 families and need more support. 

Join the wonderful group of people who are already supporting us today. Feeding one family for a week costs $10. Your donation is highly welcome. Will you help us to feed 1 more family this week?

Your donation helps us to provide the support and care that families like Alice Wangui needs during this difficult time. No amount is small. Click Here
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