REAM Prison Program

Our REAM Prison Program seeks to empower male teens aged 12 – 17 at Kamiti Youth Correctional Training Centre, Kamiti Prison. The program runs from Monday to Friday every week and includes:- restorative justice (mediation, reconciliation and reintegration), skills empowerment, character development, coaching and discipleship, etc. During the program, the boys also receive psychosocial support, job placements and get hands-on experience in their chosen career paths.

REAM Program

Skills Empowerment

We teach the boys employable skills they can use to get jobs or earn income. The boys have been learning computer skills. However, we would like to to teach more skills such as, web design, content creation and photography.

Connecting the Dots Program

Restorative Justice

We help the boys heal and reconcile with their families, the police and those they’ve hurt. This involves calling, visits and attending court sessions with the boys whose families fail to turn up.

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Transitional Housing

This will provide transitional housing for boys and at-risk male teens who need more time to reconcile with their families, police officers and the people they’ve wronged and hurt.

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There are a number of boys and exceptional young men who need your help and support. Some of them graduated from our prison program and lack school fees and other basic needs. Others are in primary school and need support with school uniform, exam fees and mentoring. 


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