Did you know that there are categories of boys and young men who need your help? Read ‘Preparing a Place to call Home and find out more.


You have probably heard of centres that provide shelters for women, girls, children, former street boys/girls and the elderly. But did you know that there is a category that is often left out?

Originally, our work at Lifesong Kenya, focused more on boys and young men who are in conflict with the law. But after starting to rent a facility that we are turning into a Halfway House, we are now working with additional categories of boys and young men who need housing, a safe space and aftercare support for healing and restoration back to the society.

Preparing a Place to Call Home

The first category of boys and young men that we work with are first time offenders who are in conflict and contact with the law. These are individuals who have committed petty offences or crimes and end up getting arrested, going to court or juvenile correctional facility.

Due to stigma that comes with being arrested and ending up at correctional facility, juvenile offenders – just like other individuals who have been in conflict and contact with the law – end up facing stigma, rejection and retribution from the society.

It doesn’t matter whether you are innocent, been found in the wrong place or have committed your first offence. As long as you have been handcuffed or been committed to prison, you are guilty as charged!

The second category of boys and young men who need shelter are individuals who have been sexually abused, neglected, exploited or need a safe place where they can find their feet and regain their lost glory.

The third category of boys and young men who need a safe space are individuals who are law abiding but face numerous challenges that affect their academic, social, personal and spiritual growth as individuals.

What does this mean?

This means that our Halfway House has become a safe space for boys and young men who need a helping hand to re-discover their treasure and restore their lost glory. Our Halfway House has the capacity to host 14 male youth aged 18-24 years.

Our plan is to offer transitional housing for a period of 3 months to young men who have faced incarceration, neglect, abuse or exploitation. During their stay, the 14 young men will receive support through housing, skills training, job readiness, life coaching, therapy and other aftercare support.

We receive numerous requests for housing for young men who need not only shelter, but special diet, medication, therapy and other aftercare support before we can start preparing them for their exit. Due to lack of resources and funding for our programs, we are not admitting residents. However, we have not stopped dreaming and we are since October 2021, we have been growing vegetables, rearing kienyeji chicken, rabbits and ducks.

We also have lots of ideas that will enable us to produce our own food, sell surplus and create hands-on skills and jobs for our boys and young men.

All we need is – YOU! But before we say anything else, please watch this video:-

Get Involved!

Thanks for watching the video! Inspiring, isn’t it?

When you get involved, you’ll be contributing to something that is big and earth shattering! Every time we have helped a young get our prison, kick a harmful habit or have access to medication, our hearts have always felt joy, peace and fulfillment.

We welcome you to be part of our family and a strong pillar that will provide a foundation for a boy who is looking for a second chance. Be the one who will make a huge difference today by getting involved on this link. You can also share this post and our video with your circle of influence.

When you lend a helping hand to a boy who needs your support, you enable Lifesong Kenya to create a ripple effect. By so doing, you empower boys to treat women and girls with respect, dignity and honor. We are looking forward to having you onboard.

Welcome and see you soon!

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