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We believe that boys and young men deserve our concerted efforts towards transforming their lives, environment and life situations. We welcome you learn about us, join and support our movement.

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We believe that male teens who are in contact and in conflict with the law deserve a second chance through skills training, reconciliation, healing and restoration back to their families and the community where they belong. Help us to make this a tangible reality by donating towards our current fundraising campaign.

How Abdi Got Arrested for Preparation

About Us

James was inspired to start Lifesong Kenya after experiencing life growing up without a father-figure. His vision is to help incarcerated male teens to find acceptance in their families and the community.

His aim is to empower male teens through skills-based training, character development, coaching and restorative justice. James is a Clarity Coach, Storyteller and Web Designer at Candid Writers.

who we are
We forge ahead with the conviction that incarcerated male teens need our collective help and support

Each day I go to prison, I admire the resilience and the yearning spirit to bounce-back that incarcerated male teens show. I aspire to see more male teens and exceptional young men tapping into their inner-power and be able to realize their full potential. My greatest hope is that families, institutions and businesses can give those exiting prison a second chance.

James Ouma

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