Our Covid-19 Response

Our Covid-19 Response provided support to 30 families during the Covid-19 crisis.
Since the pandemic disrupted family life, our approach aimed to bring stability. By enabling families to buy from local shops, we guaranteed stability.
First, our beneficiaries had food and other basic essentials. Secondly, the businesses they usually buy supplies from were able to make profits.

Our Plan

Our team cycled to visit families in need. We sat down with each family to work on a meal plan.

After working on a balanced diet meal plan, we removed non essential items. Then we provided KShs. 1000 ($10) or more depending on the family size.

Once the budget was ready, the family introduced our team to their usual shop or vendor who is often a friend, a family member or a neighbour.

This ensured that there was steady income and retention of jobs within the local community.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Community-Based Organizations in Kenya
Our Covid-19 response ensured that starving families received care and support


"I was expecting a rainbow baby after 3 miscarriages. When I was 22 weeks pregnant, my husband left and walked out on me. I came into contact with Lifesong Kenya through a Facebook friend. Lifesong Kenya provided weekly support for my needs and the people I was living with at my sister's home. When I was bleeding and needed help, Lifesong Kenya took me to hopsital and made sure I got the right help. Through their supporters, they organized a surprise Baby Shower for me! This enabled me to get a cooking gas, essential items for myself and for my baby."
S Njuguna
Beneficiary, Kiambu
“Lifesong Kenya came through for me and my son during Covid-19. When my son was sick and needed medication they stepped in and provided medication. They also checked on us on a regular basis to check on us. To be honest, I don't know how me and my son would have survived had it not been for this support and care. Thank you to those who partner with Lifesong Kenya and vulnerable people like us."
Joy A
beneficiary, maseno
"Lifesong Kenya helped my brother, two uncles and I to have food and kerosene during Covid-19. We don't know how we would have pulled through without their home visits and support!"
W Bulimu
Beneficiary, kawangware
"I learnt about Lifesong Kenya after I shared about my need for help in a WhatsApp group where I belong. A member from this noble organization got in touch and I explained my situation. After a series of chats I was asked to pick my Care Package. I am very thankful and believe one day I'll also support vulnerable families too!"
K Ngombe
beneficiary, kabiria
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