Waylong is a recipient of Lifesong Kenya’s Restorative Justice Program. He has joined high school and the future looks bright. Meet Waylong.


Eighteen-year-old Waylong has a lot of potential. He has just joined Wachoro Secondary School in Embu County courtesy of St Joseph Cafasso Consolation House. But three years ago, Waylong faced an insurmountable challenge.

“When I was in Class 6, some of my friends convinced me to smoke bhang with them. We got arrested by the police and I was charged with possession of bhang. I tried explaining that it was my first time smoking. But the police did not believe me.”

Meet Waylong

Waylong’s education and path to a better life was halted by being in juvenile prison and was on the verge of losing all hope. However, through Lifesong Kenya’s Restorative Justice Program, Waylong’s life and attitude towards being in juvenile prison was transformed.  

He served his term, went back to school and did his Kenya Certificate of Primary School Examinations in 2019, and is now in high school. Waylong’s story exemplifies the struggles that at-risk male teens face and have to overcome in and out of juvenile prison.

For the past 3 years, Waylong has beaten all odds to resume his normal life as an exceptional young man. When you meet Waylong, you will be amazed by his talents and view of life.

He plans to use his talents as a musician and contemporary artist to show vulnerable youth that they have a second chance.

His success and the joy on his face is proof that investing in the lives of at-risk male teens deserves support from individuals like you.

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