There is no denying the fact that Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world. However, some are more affected more than the rest. Lifesong Kenya has been providing weekly food rations through our Weekly Care Package. Here’s how this is helping vulnerable families who are used to living one meal at a time.

children buying chips
Children buying potato chips from a shop in Kibera, Nairobi where most families live one meal at a time
(Photo: Thomas Bwire)

Like most programs, Covid-19 stopped us from going to prison and the school where we usually run our programs. However, our team did not want to remain idle. As a result, we began feeding 30+ families in response to COVID-19.

One of our beneficiaries is a woman whose name means ‘Harvester.’ Harvester is a mother of 3 but stays with her 3-year-old daughter while the other children stay with her mom.

A few years ago, Harvester got arrested and spent time in one of Kenya’s notorious women’s prisons. After leaving prison, Harvester came back home. A few months later, she got pregnant just before he husband’s death. After he husband’s death, Harvester got involved in a tussle that left her without the things that she had bought together with her husband.

Having no choice, she rented a single roomed house where she stays with her daughter. Once she began living on her own a job as a day bag where her living one meal at a time became the norm.

food care package

Most hard hit families are often used to buying food in small quantities and our Care Package is modeled that way (Photo: Thomas Bwire)

“Some people feel the rain.
Others just get wet”

Living One Meal At A Time

Like many women and men who depend on casual labor, Harvest began living one meal at a time. More often than not, going to bed hungry became the norm. Her job as a day bag ensured that she had food to put on the table as well as pay house rent.

She would leave home early in the morning and go to Komarock where she would spend the day searching for jobs. Before Covid-19 struck, she would get jobs – as a day bag – going to different houses to wash clothes, mop houses and cook meals. In return, she would receive daily wages that she would use to buy food – one meal at a time.

Having lost her job as a day bag, Harvester has to deal with much more than feeding her 3-year-old daughter. She has ulcers that get worse whenever she has nothing to put on her table. Luckily, Lifesong Kenya has enabled her to get food for her child and for herself.

Every Monday morning, Lifesong Kenya has paid for food supplies where her neighbours and friends sell vegetables, maize flour and kerosene.

How Harvester Got Into Our Care Package Program

We first heard about Harvester’s need for help through one of her Facebook friends.

After Lifesong KENYA learned about her needs, we asked for support on social media. Two of our supporters, Deborah Asuncion and Jennifer Donaldson Stoddard stepped in to pay her rent arrears. A few other friends took care of her weekly food provision.

Today, we haven’t paid for supplies because our donations have run dry. And with the recently extended 21-day quarantine, we hold our breath in hope and faith that we’ll find more help. In the meantime, here’s a text message that captures her desperation in real time.

Living One Meal At A Time

How You Can Support Our Care Package

Our finances are from cash donations by well-wishers and we have run low on our initial financial support that was to last us for one month. Due to the extended 21-day partial lockdown, we are appealing for your continued support and donations. This will allow us to continue supporting these families for the next one month.

It costs Kshs. 1,000 or $10 to feed a family for one week and any amount is welcome.

Follow the link below to learn more about our approach and how to support us.

Lifesong Kenya’s Care Package.

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