Keep a Boy in School

Keep a Boy in School

At Lifesong Kenya, we believe that education is a powerful and long-lasting tool for equipping young men with the mindset they need to develop dignity, honor and respect for girls and women.

Most boys who are at risk often drop out of school at an early age or don’t go to school at all. Our Keep a Boy in School Campaign aims to enable 6 boys to stay in school beyond Grade 3.

In addition to helping and supporting the boys to stay in school, our Keep a Boy in School programs will provide the boys a platform where they can meet and engage with other boys. This includes taking part in our annual Father’s Day Event, Born for Greatness Camps, and other activities. 

The boys will also receive support through mentorship, life coaching, counseling and other areas of additional support that will ensure the boys remain in school. 

Cost Items

  1. School Uniform – Kshs. 5,000 (USD 33)
  2. Books & Supplies – Kshs. 1,680 (USD 11)
  3. Lunch – Kshs. 9,000 (USD 59)
  4. Holiday Camps – KShs. 4,500 (USD 29)

Total Cost: Kshs. 20,180 (USD 132) 

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