Are you looking for a Covid-19 response initiative to support? Find out how Lifesong Kenya is responding to Covid-19 and be part of the solution.

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After having a successful fundraiser last week, our Care Pack food provision in response to the Covid-19 kicked off today. As a team, we’ve unanimously agrees to buy from local businesses and thereby achieve the following goals:-

  • Not to disrupt the lifestyle of our hand picked beneficiaries
  • Give beneficiaries the power to help choose items that they need
  • Promote local businesses
  • Teach our beneficiaries how to plan for meals and have a balanced diet
  • Show beneficiaries the art of giving back when they’ll be able to
  • Save money that would have been spent on packaging and transport
Our Care Package
Allowing beneficiaries to have say in an act of charity empowers them to own the whole process (Photo: Thomas Bwire)

How Lifesong Kenya is Responding to COVID-19

So, without much further ado allow us to share our first beneficiary and the additional lives that we’ll be touching for the next 30 days.

He is a university student who waited for two years before joining university. Being the first born, he is unique, loving, caring and humble. His ability to create a meal plan with us was a joy to behold.

By buying rice, cooking oil, wheat and ugali flour, from a shop managed by a young man, we ensured two young men were able meet and can network going forward.

By buying omena, vegetables, tomatoes and onions from two women, we made sure that money remained in the community. This is the trend that defines our work as we continue empowering our communities to provide local solutions to local problems.

By buying foodstuffs that our beneficiaries are used to we cause as little disruption as possible (Photo: Thomas Bwire)

Become Our Monthly Sustainer

Running our programs and activities require constant monthly support from wonderful people like you. When you support us, you enable us to the following weekly activities:-

  • teaching computer classes at Kamiti Youth Corrective Training Centre
  • calling and visiting families, police officers and those who’ve been hurt by our boys
  • offering lifeskills, financial literacy and character development
  • attending court cases
  • teaching life skills at Five Star Academy in Kangemi

These activities require transport, phone calls, meals and other allowances for our staff members and volunteers. To support our work, kindly follow this link.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”





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