Grandpa STORK is in Town

Grandpa STORK is in Town, I exclaimed when Anthony Hall arrived at our office. That was 3 weeks ago and how time flies! Anthony Hall aka Grandpa STORK arrived three weeks ago to spend 3 weeks with our exceptional young men in exiting juvenile prison.

Grandpa STORK is in Town
Anthony Hall aka Grandpa STORK shares his life journey at KYCTC

It has been a fun filled 3 weeks of activities where Grandpa STORK shared his life story, motivation and journey as a solution provider. This came in handy for our boys who believe and think that their prison sentence has shut the door in their faces.

Having met Anthony Hall on Facebook through a friend, Tracy Hanson, I was excited that he had come to Kenya. My joy tripled when he mentioned his intention to partner with Lifesong Kenya. This partnership would involve teaching our boys about the following:-

  • using the REAAL Name language game
  • creating Dragon EGGs
  • discovering their potential

For me, I was just happy to know that Grandpa STORK is in town!

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Grandpa STORK is in Town

Grandpa STORK's Dragon EGGs
Grandpa STORK and one of our boys doing 40 push ups using the Dragon EGGs

At Lifesong KENYA, we are delighted and blessed to be associated with Anthony Hall. Anthony Hall wears and juggles lots of hats. We knew this was going to open the eyes of our boys to what they can possibly gain. At 60 years old, Anthony Hall should be sitting under the shade staring at the ocean and sipping coconut juice.

Instead, he is travelling the world sharing his story and innovations.

“My adventure begun 15 years ago when I wanted to make learning fun for my grandson,” he explained when we met. “I begun experimenting with rocks, then I graduated to coconut shells. Right now, I am working on patenting a video game and exercise using 3D printed Dragon’s EGG (Exercise Game Gear).

Anthony Hall Shares Valuable Life Lessons

Anthony Halls visits our shop
Left to right is Kevin, Craig, Cynthia, Grandpa STORK and James at our Centre of Excellence

When the founder of The Rose of Education Organization (TREO) met our boys, he shared valuable lessons. Most of our boys were amazed that at 60, Grandpa STORK is still going strong and pursuing goals.

“You should never give up on yourself,” he advised. “Life has much more to offer. All you have to do is look for the spark inside your heart,” he added.

“We’re going to have fun learning new things,” he said.

His 3 weeks stay with us is a true reflection of this. Our boys have learned how to

The REAAL Name Game
Grandpa STORK uses the REAAL Name Game to teach language skills

Brief Profile on Anthony Hall

He is the founder of the The Rose of Education Organization [TREO], a startup game and edtech developer, that makes lifelong learning and fitness fun. The company aims to increase literacy rates, health, wellness and fitness through STEAM education, participation and job preparation.

Follow this link to connect with Anthony Hall.


The REAAL Name Game in Practice

Our plan is to create a collaboration that will enable us to share idea, knowledge and resources. The Dragon’s EGGs that our boys are making will be used to raise funding as well as exchanged with boys elsewhere. Our ultimate goal is to make the world a better place for boys and young men. This being so, we are looking forward to the future with high hopes and faith.

Would you like Grandpa STORK to visit and spend time with children in your school? Let’s know by leaving a comment or getting in touch with us.

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