Lifesong Kenya Fundraising Progress Update

Fundraising Progress Update
It was the first time I was having a team with me unlike 2016 /Photo: James Ouma

It is one thing to raise funds when you have a network that you built in college or university. It is completely different when you didn’t attend and have to depend on social media accounts. I used to think that getting 100 bob from each Facebook friend would fund my work with boys in juvenile prison. Well, thankfully it didn’t take me that long to learn how wrong I was!
Much as fundraising is a necessary component of my work, it is the least favourite on my to-do list. For starters, I don’t know how best to ask other than simply asking. Raising funds for a cause is no cup of tea, especially on social media. I believe the likes of John Wollwerth, Jane Anyango, Eric Simba, Oluoch Clifford, Carl Hughes and Julius Wangore will concur with me.
Secondly, I believe that I will be able to raise enough resources from my writing and trust that God will bring clients who will be willing to pay and support my work with Lifesong Kenya. Indeed all the funding I have been able to raise from running and Facebook is God’s doing and confirmation that He is a divine provider who defies all human understanding and reasoning.

Latest fundraising progress update

fundraising progress update
Thinking about the children I mentor gives me the courage to keep running

I am depending on blind faith and belief that God will bring people by divine appointment. I believe that this is the only way I will get the following category of people:-

  • writing clients through Candid Writers
  • children to sign up for holiday reading camps
  • individual and corporate sponsors for running and triathlon events

We recently took part in the Lukenya Trails Run where Kelvin Hondo, Elisha Maketa, Jared Junior and I managed to raise a total of Kshs. 23, 000. This will enable Lifesong Kenya to run its program at the juvenile prison for the next 3 months. We will be able to conduct the following activities:-

  • visit and spend time with the boys at the prison
  • engage the boys in bead work and entrepreneurial skills
  • accompany some of the boys to court
  • call and trace families and the people the boys have wronged

In conclusion

Fundraising Progress Update
Having Kelvin and Elisha was a huge support for my fundraising efforts /Photo: James Ouma

Despite the daily challenges we face in our work, I am optimistic and confident. I know, beyond a shadow of doubt that God has got us covered. He is the One Who is turning what used to be a solo project run by an individual into a team effort. He is bringing the right people into the team.
By having Kelvin and Elisha in our running and cycling team, God is building our vision, one brick at a time. We already have our eyes set on cycling and running on June 1st as a team. Our duty is to continue working, praying and trusting God to sustain Lifesong Kenya and our juvenile prison program.
Feel free to reach out to us. There are numerous ways you and your friends, family and institution can get involved. Every contribution – material and finances – counts. Not only will you be empowering Lifesong Kenya to meet the needs of boys in juvenile prison, you will also be equipping 200 boys to become men of conscience, character and courage.

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