Fueling on Christ

fueling on Christ
I think a lot about children and the parents I have met through Lifesong Kenya while running or cycling

Fueling on Christ. I have a lot to say about that. Yet I have been trying to write this post for the past 12 hours. It is not that I have a writer’s block or something. I just don’t know how to put my thoughts together. I also don’t want to appear as if I don’t appreciate what God is doing at Lifesong Kenya. There are many good things that have happened of late. 7 boys from the group we have been working with have left prison and regained freedom. Hearing the good news filled my heart with gratitude, peace and joy.

We have also managed to introduce debt relief and counselling to moms who need financial aid. It is something that I decided to include as a huge leap of faith. My wife had travelled for 3 weeks when I decided to start doing this. The most amazing thing is that, much as I have been giving beyond what I am earning, I still have enough left. This doesn’t mean that I don’t need more. I would be lying if I said I don’t need more.

Fueling on Christ

Having arrived 10 minutes after the 21 k run had begun, I ended up struggling to pass through a mass of walkers. That is not an easy thing to do. 3 kilometres later, I discovered I needed to do without water for the first 15 kilometres to avoid eating into my running time. I also discovered that running in the middle of the road helped a bit. In the end, I earned my medals.

I will be going back to juvenile prison where the 7 boys we met last week await for good news. However, I am bearing bad news of how I failed. I failed to trace an uncle and call several families of the boys.  The only good news I will be having will be delivering the two medals I had promise to earn during Sunday’s Stanchart Marathon. I will also share how fueling on Christ enabled me to continue running and finish the run.

In fact, I am feeling worn out and simply want to stay home. Not having enough resources wears me down. However, my boys are waiting. Ready or not, I simply have to find the courage to meet them. I leave the issue of provision to God. He knows how best He will keep providing for my personal needs and the ones for Lifesong Kenya.


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