Half-Way House Ignition


Your money will go towards providing transitional housing to male youth exiting juvenile prison. During their stay, the boys will receive care and support through coaching, personal development, skills training, counseling, job placement and income-generating businesses.


How Your Money Will Help

  • $15 pays for electricity for 2 weeks
  • $20 buys 1 plastic chair for activities
  • $30 pays for bicycle repair training
  • $50 sponsors 2 coaching sessions for 2 boys
  • $100 sponsors 1 month stay for 1 boy  
  • $140 buys 1 double decker metal bed
  • $220 buys a bicycle for 1 graduate
  • $400 pays rent for one month

2 Ways to Donate

Thank you for supporting our work. Your donation helps us to grow and strengthen our programs.

We greatly appreciate your support!


Use MPesa Paybill: 574329, and key in the name of the item you’re supporting. 


For those based in the US, donation made through Omprakash is tax-deductible

Lifesong Kenya is registered as a Community-Based Organization in Kenya.

Registration No.: DAG/CBO/5/4/2013/31

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