Lifesong Kenya has been providing Food Care Packages to families who are hard hit by COVID-19. Much as I find fulfillment from being part of the process, it can be scary at times. Here’s my experience delivering my first COVID-19 Food Care Package.

Delivering My First COVID-19 Food Care Package

The name “Kayole” elicits disturbing feelings and fear among many Nairobi residents. The moment the phone rung and I was told that we have a family in this area that needed our help, my thoughts ran to the stories I hear from our boys in the Juvenile detention centres.

Horrifying stories of gangs that rule territories in this area of Eastlands and how skilled they are at identifying strangers coming into the area for the first time, came to my mind! My heart sunk for a moment and it took a real debate between my soul and spirit to come to an understanding that I actually have to visit this family and assess their situation before we consent to giving them help.

The debate further ensued to whether, I should go by myself or find an escort, as my uncle once told me that it is unwise to walk into an unfamiliar area all alone. None of my contacts in Kayole came to mind and so I had to go it alone.

“But, do I take a PSV or use my bike?” I wondered.

Eventually we agreed that the bike will do.

care package beneficiary
Thinking about meeting the needs of our beneficiaries often overrides our doubts and fears

Winning My Greatest Battle​

For your information, it’s not like I have never been to Kayole before. It is only that I have never gotten off the main roads while there, but on this occasion the journey was taking to the interiors of the estate.

With every kilometer I covered, I reassured myself with words from the “GOOD BOOK”: For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.

“A shrewd person sees danger and hides himself, but the naive keep right on going and suffer for it.”

I was caught between this beautiful dilemma and with every forward 360 degrees turn my bicycle tire made a thin sweat dropped off my face. I eventually came to a cross-road where I had to ask for directions to reach my destination; my intuition told me that the best person to ask was an Mpesa Agent, unfortunately, the Holy Spirit said “no, go to the next shop (a hardware)” the sweet lady inside gave me directions in a way that women don’t!

Not that I have anything against women in giving directions; I arrived safely to the point that I was told without having to ask for directions again. But something crazy happened as I was waiting for Dora (not her real name), four guys standing nearby looking harmless started discussing the price of my bicycle in undertones, but I could hear; remember “A shrewd person sees danger…….” After a shot discussion one of them, the big bad bully decided to approach me………to be continued

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