Our COVID-19 Response

Donate $10 or less towards our Covid-19 Response and help us to feed one family for a week. $40 can feed the whole family for a whole month!

Covid-19 Response

Lifesong Kenya is providing Food Care Package to provide relief to vulnerable families. By supporting vulnerable families, we achieve three goals.

First, we save the benefitting families from starvation. Secondly, we ensure that local businesses and shop are able to earn income. Thirdly, this guarantees stability to our beneficiaries and the businesses they usually buy supplies from.

Since we have families who still need support, we encourage you to support our Covid-19 response. If you have any questions, please contact info@lifesongkenya.org . Follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

food care package



“The idea of visiting families and helping them budget whatever little or much they have is just amazing. These are some of the valuable lessons we shall take home even post COVID-19. Giving and donating is good, but when someone donates exactly what you need, even the most basic, then that’s the best.”

Maggy K, Care Package Recipient, May 26, 2020

"I am expecting a rainbow baby after 3 miscarriages. When I was 22 weeks pregnant, my husband left and walked out on me. I came into contact with Lifesong Kenya through a Facebook friend. For the past three months, Lifesong Kenya has been supporting me by providing weekly food provisions for my needs and the people I live with at my sister's home. When I experienced bleeding and needed to be taken to hospital, Lifesong Kenya took care of everything and made sure I got the right help. The members of the organization, through their supporters, even organized a surprise Baby Shower for me and enabled me to get a cooking gas, essential items for myself and my baby."

How Good Samaritans supported me during Covid-19
Salome Njuguna


"For the third month now, Lifesong Kenya has come through for me and my son during COVID-19. They have once again taken away our anxiety and given us hope by supplying us with basic food items for another month. When my son was sick and needed medication they stepped in and provided us with medication. They also constantly check on us to find out how we are doing. Before God I honestly do not know where me and my son would be now had it not been for this support and care. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to those who partner with Lifesong Kenya through your kind contributions to help vulnerable people like us."

Our Covid-19 response
Joy A


"Receiving the Care Package has enabled my brother, two uncles and myself to have food and kerosene that has helped us during COVID-19. We don't know how we would be surviving without the home visits and support Lifesong Kenya has been giving us every week!"

Meet Waylong
Waylong B

Beneficiary, Kawangware

I learnt about Lifesong Kenya after I shared about my need for help in a WhatsApp group where I belong. A member from this noble organization got in touch and I explained my situation. After a series of chats I was asked to pick my Care Package. I am very thankful because I am a beneficiary and believe one day there will be time for voluntary payback from me to help other unfortunate families too.

food care package
Ken Ngome

Beneficiary, Kabiria

How You Can Help

By supporting our Covid-19 response, you enable us to put food on a family’s table. This helps feed vulnerable families whose sole bread winners have lost their sources of income.

You also help us to take care of the elderly and the sick who can no longer receive help from family members who have lost jobs. Not only is your support helping with essential food, you also help with medication and in some cases, rent.

Please support us with any amount of your choice. Donating $10 helps support one family for week. Donating $40 can support the same family for one month. You can support our Covid-19 response via various donation platforms. Here’s you can donate.

MPesa Paybill: 574 329, Account: Food

PayPal: donations@lifesongkenya.org

How Lifesong Kenya is Responding to Covid-19
Your support enables us to provide essential care to vulnerable families who are facing starvation

Feed One Family Today

Every amount that you donate goes towards buying daily food supplies for families who need care and support during COVID-19. It also helps to promote and provide an income for women who sell vegetables, tomatoes, onions, eggs, cooking oil and rice thereby reducing the number of vulnerable people in the local community.

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