Counting Down to Lifesong Kenya’s Third Graduation

Counting down to Lifesong Kenya's Third graduation
Heather Henderson plays the role of a client to one of our exceptional young men

Today marked a very special day in the lives of Lifesong Kenya’s staff and the exceptional young men we’re working with. The 15 young men have been learning how to design logos, birthday cards, business cards and handling clients.

Personally, it was the best day I have ever experienced in prison! That each boy is able to see their work come alive, lot our faces with joy and gratitude.

I remember the very first day we decided to start teaching boys computer skills. We had 20 boys and 3 working computers. The rest – five more – were either lacking components or were never going to function again.

Earnest and I were determined to make things work. A lot has happened since our first class graduated. The boys were do happy to receive a certificate and recommendation letter from our Earnest Okello, Lifesong Kenya’s Programs Manager.

“This will open doors of opportunity when I leave prison,” one of the boys said, smiling broadly.

Counting Down to Lifesong Kenya’s Third Graduation

Lifesong Kenya juvenile prison program
Seeing their creation come to life has empowers our exceptional young men to dare dream

Things have become better and there is much in store for the boys who will join our classes. For instance, we are going to involve parents, religious leaders, local business owners and grassroots leaders where the boys come from.

By doing this, Lifesong Kenya will be able to successfully reintegrate the boys into the community.

Back to the present 

The current class of 15 have been able to learn how to to create logos, birthday cards, posters, business cards and power point presentations.

“I have never known I could touch a computer leave alone make a business card for a photographer is Heather’s reputation,” Silver (not his real name) remarked.

“Personally, I am learning a lot and gaining more experience,” another boy added. “I never knew I could understand and speak English, especially with a mzungu!

“Now, I am learning how to combine colors based on what a client says they like doing,” he continued. “I didn’t know that black would go well with orange but thanks to Lifesong Kenya, I now enjoy working with colors.”

Stepping ahead with confudence

As Earnest, Heather and I left the prison our hearts were filled with joy, gratitude and hope for the collective bright future of our exceptional young men.

What we felt was worth more than the water and lunch we couldn’t afford. And just like one of them said, we are enjoying working colors.

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