Connecting the Dots Program

Vulnerable male teens often face insurmountable environmental and societal challenges that drive them to crime. Here's how our Connecting the Dots Program seeks to address this.

Connecting the Dots Program

Value Incubation Centre

Most exceptional young men who exit prison and those in the community often need support to advance their education. Our fund will help them to access free or discounted courses, off and online. 

Connecting the Dots

WOW Educational Fund

Most scholarships often benefit those who are academically gifted or have passed exams. The WOW Educational Fund seeks to take a different approach.



Boys and exceptional young men who are vulnerable need an elder brother and sister. Our mentoring sessions aim to inspire and motivate our boys and young men to aspire to become a better version of themselves.

Connect the Dots with us

Male teens who have access to transformative programs have higher chances of thriving and becoming changemakers in the community. As a result, they are able to become changemakers who contribute towards exponential growth in the community.

Together with Praise Assembly of God and other partners, we aim to provide wholesome programs and tools that will leave long lasting impact.  In order to have more impact, we need you onboard.

We invite you to become a change agent who will help bring transformative impact. The lives of thousands of male teens and exceptional young men is in your hands right now. Help us connect the dots by providing the tools that exceptional young men need to live fruitful lives.

get involved now

There are a number of boys and exceptional young men who need your help and support. Some of them graduated from our prison program and lack school fees and other basic needs. Others are in primary school and need support with school uniform, exam fees and mentoring.  Support our Connecting the Dots Program today!

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