Sponsor 1 Boy and Help Fund Lifesong Kenya

Do you remember your first time attending summer camp? Maybe it was through your church, a scout organization or your community? What was it like? Can you smell the campfire, hear the songs, remember the comradery? Did you learn valuable life lessons that you have carried into your adulthood? We are reaching out to you[…]

I Thought I Was Doing God’s Work

Most of the at-risk male teens we work with seldom take full responsibility for their actions. As a result, they blame the failed system, poverty and poor upbringing as the motivation behind their crime. However, one of our boys recently shared his motivation through I Thought I Was Doing God’s Work. Follow this link and[…]

It’s High Time You Plugged In

February 2020 is finally here. A group of twenty (20) male teens have just signed up for our REAM Program. For the next 3 – 4 months our staff and volunteers will engage these 20 boys in skills training, character formation, discipleship, healing and reconciliation. As usual, this is very exciting news indeed! Plea for[…]

Lifesong Kenya Mission Appeal

Our 2020 REAM Program has begun in earnest. We are excited about what the future holds for our boys and for us. Like the past two years, we are conducting our programs from Monday to Friday every week. As a result, we need your financial support. Learn how you can plug in by reading Lifesong[…]

Meet Waylong

Waylong is a recipient of Lifesong Kenya’s Restorative Justice Program. He has joined high school and the future looks bright. Meet Waylong. Eighteen-year-old Waylong has a lot of potential. He has just joined Wachoro Secondary School in Embu County courtesy of St Joseph Cafasso Consolation House. But three years ago, Waylong faced an insurmountable challenge.[…]

Softening Their Hearts and Hardening Mine

Softening Their Hearts and Hardening Mine is about the things that happens during our work. There are times things work and others when things don’t work out as expected. When things work in our favour, our hearts melt with pure joy. Most times this results into healing and reconciliation. First, families of the boys come[…]

How to Support Lifesong Kenya Using MPesa

Are you looking for an organization and cause to support? Lifesong Kenya is looking for wonderful individuals like you. Here’s how to support Lifesong Kenya using MPesa. Why You Should Support Us Lifesong Kenya is enabling at-risk male teens who are in conflict with the law to heal and reconcile with their families and the[…]

How Abdi Got Arrested for Preparation

About a year ago, Abdi was sharpening his knives and cleaning his gumboots. He was preparing his tools of trade that he uses at the slaughter house. Little did he know it would lead him into trouble. Find out how Abdi got arrested for preparation for a crime he wasn’t planning to commit. Abdi Omar[…]

Why Hosting Our Cycling Team Is A Perfect Opportunity

Are you looking for a perfect opportunity to do something wonderful before 2019 comes to an end? That is why hosting our cycling team is a perfect opportunity to do amazing. First things fast, follow this link to support our cycling fundraiser. I’m off for my cycling training as we continue preparing for Half Way[…]

Transformation That Lasts Begins In the Heart

“Until the heart is well-shaped, the mind will operate in confusion. Transformation that lasts begins in the heart.” – Prof. Dankit Nassiuma, Vice Chancelor, AIU The above statement by Prof. Dankit has reminded me of an event that I attend last Friday at Kamiti YCTC. That day, I left home early in the morning to[…]

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