Are you looking for an opportunity to give back in a way that will really shake the foundations of the world? Start off by answering yes to our call for Awesome Board Members Wanted!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to tread where most people dare not to leave their footprints, or where the table is not too crowded then you’re the one we’re looking for.

awesome board members wanted
Join our community and leave a footprint in the world

Picture this. Whenever we ask for support on behalf of the boys and young men that Lifesong Kenya works with 8 out of 10 times, we often don’t get an answer!

A few months ago, a group of men visited our program to donate stuff and speak to our exceptional young men. After they had gone, our team sorted out the donations they had left behind. Some of the things that were donated included torn clothes, oversized panties and oversized bras!

You can help change this by saying YES to our Awesome Board Members Wanted call!

As a mother, it's extremely hard to accept that your son is involved with social vices. I would get agitated and really question my capacity as a parent. But, Lifesong Kenya held my hand by helping my son to overcome his struggles through coaching and constant guidance.

Here's our pitch to you...

Our founder, James Ouma, begun going to prison in July 2012 during his off day from work on Fridays. In 2013, he quit his job as a Children’s TV Producer to focus on breaking boys out of prison. 

James has cycled across Kenya and ran marathons to raise funding for Lifesong Kenya’s programs. He has sewed torn clothes and replaced buttons for boys who need a father-figure and help the most.

In October 2021, our team started renting and preparing a Halfway House where we would like to provide transitional housing where boys can have a safe place for their healing and restoration. It is work that now needs more resources and funding because buttons can no longer sustain the vision.

Our plan is to create projects and businesses that will create employment for our male youth and an income for Lifesong Kenya’s programs and activities. And that is where you come in. 

awesome board members wanted

Why we need you!

1 in every 4 Kenyan boys is unfathered, underfathered or  misfathered. This reality forces the boy-child to feel unloved and unprotected and thus, vulnerable to delinquency, GBV, crime and conflict.

But, you can help us change this, right?

When we continue sitting on the fence and watching from the sidelines, these boys and young men will evolve into boy friends, husbands, fathers and uncles who will spread the damage and harm that was caused to them in their childhood.

At Lifesong Kenya, we believe that all Kenyan boys are worthy of love , attention and success. We are therefore calling on all global citizens of goodwill – boys and girls, men and women – to join our board. 

By joining us, you’ll help create an enabling environment that will ensure that the next generation of Kenyan boys and men will treat women and girls with honor, respect and dignity. 

You’ll also help to re-create a world where boys and young men can reach a place of:-

  • self-acceptance
  • self-reliance
  • self-expression
  • self-development
  • self-achievement

In order to make this happen, we need you to get involved. Help us undo the damage that has happened. Help us spread healing and restoration. Become a board member and help change a generation by sharing your time, gifts, expertise and network.

Here’s your opportunity to do good!

Board Member Sign Up Form

You can also get involved in our projects by becoming a monthly giver, volunteer or help find more donors from your local community, university, church or pals that you drink with. 

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