Author: James Ouma

Living One Meal At A Time

There is no denying the fact that Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world. However, some are more affected more than the rest. Lifesong Kenya has been providing weekly food rations through our Weekly Care Package. Here’s how this is helping vulnerable families who are used to living one meal at a time. Children buying[…]

How A Surprise Baby Shower Changed the Tide

On May 10 2020, I was taking a nap at my sister’s house in Ndumberi, Kiambu. A few minutes past 1 in the afternoon, the Lifesong Kenya team made up of James, Cynthia and Kevin visited and told me they had come to prepare lunch so we could celebrate what God was doing in my[…]

Alice Wangui Needs Much More Than Food and Rent

Lifesong Kenya has been responding to COVID-19 by providing weekly Care Package to 30+ families. So far, we’ve managed to support 43 households and 172 family members. Here’s a snippet of one of the families that we are supporting. Alice Wangui Needs Much More Than Food and Rent. Alice Wangui’s weekly Care Package costs Kshs.[…]

The Baby Shower That Altered the Course of My Life

How often do you see someone appear on a bicycle and dismiss them? As a cyclist who identifies as a commuter, the bicycle keeps bringing joy, humor and surprises that defines my work with male teens and their families. A few days ago, I helped organize the baby shower that altered the course of my[…]

Serving Household #22

Today is Sunday, meaning we can finally take a much deserved break. We have been cycling and meeting families who need our help. Though this is a general summary, it focuses mainly on Serving Household #22. Read on… Similar Post: How Lifesong Kenya is Responding to Covid-19 Our original plan was to feed 10 families[…]

How Lifesong Kenya is Responding to Covid-19

Are you looking for a Covid-19 response initiative to support? Find out how Lifesong Kenya is responding to Covid-19 and be part of the solution. Follow this link to support our care pack now. After having a successful fundraiser last week, our Care Pack food provision in response to the Covid-19 kicked off today. As[…]

The Story of a Young Man Who Needs Someone

This is the story of a young man who needs someone like you to show and lead the way. You don’t have to come to prison, if you don’t have time. But you can support with your skills and by sharing with your friends and family. Find out why this is important to us. In[…]

Sponsor 1 Boy and Help Fund Lifesong Kenya

Do you remember your first time attending summer camp? Maybe it was through your church, a scout organization or your community? What was it like? Can you smell the campfire, hear the songs, remember the comradery? Did you learn valuable life lessons that you have carried into your adulthood? We are reaching out to you[…]

I Thought I Was Doing God’s Work

Most of the at-risk male teens we work with seldom take full responsibility for their actions. As a result, they blame the failed system, poverty and poor upbringing as the motivation behind their crime. However, one of our boys recently shared his motivation through I Thought I Was Doing God’s Work. Follow this link and[…]

It’s High Time You Plugged In

February 2020 is finally here. A group of twenty (20) male teens have just signed up for our REAM Program. For the next 3 – 4 months our staff and volunteers will engage these 20 boys in skills training, character formation, discipleship, healing and reconciliation. As usual, this is very exciting news indeed! Plea for[…]

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