Arrested for Driving Without a License

It is my fault and that is why I am in prison today. I am saying this because I was arrested for driving without a license. I knew that what I was doing was wrong. But I still went ahead to commit a crime.

I think I was unlucky to get caught. I mean, how many times have you seen a driver being asked for his driving license? That is what I thought while I was getting arrested. Okay, let me start from the beginning.

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Arrested for Driving Without a License
Most drivers usually break traffic rules thereby setting a bad example (Image: Nahashon Diaz/Pixabay)

Arrested for Driving Without a License

My name is *Kennedy Mwanzia but my friends call me Kento. I am 19 years old. As per my knowledge, I studied up to Form 3. I was performing average and knew I had potential. When I was in school, I wanted to study computers. But I could not get access to computers because my school did not have them.

Last year in December, I decided to go upcountry for Christmas. Since I had been learning how to drive, I decided to improve my skills. Because my uncle had a car, I used it to improve my skills. My mom would send me money to buy petrol and I would spend a lot of time driving in Kitui Town.

One day, I got unlucky. I can say I was unlucky because I had never seen police officers on the road before. I also thought that because I was from the city, the rural police officers would not dare touch me. But I was wrong, okay?

I got arrested and taken to court. Now I am at Kamiti YCTC and count it as a blessing. I can give God all the glory for answering my prayers. This is because I am able to learn how to use a computer.

My Experience with Lifesong Kenya

REAM Program
Students studying computer during Lifesong Kenya’s past session

It is funny that I had to come to prison to have the experience of touching a computer. Life is funny, I tell you. That I Kento, had to commit a crime in order to learn how to use a computer! Let me say that I am very grateful to Lifesong Kenya and Teacher Earnest.

Being in this class is enabling me to gain valuable skills. I am also learning how to treat customers and meet their needs. At first, it was very difficult to be in this class. You know, I have never been given a choice to choose between staying in a class or opting out.

But with time, I realized Teacher Earnest and James deeply cares about us. I am grateful that I will be leaving prison with skills in using computers.

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