4 Unique Ways You Can Support Lifesong Kenya

4 unique ways you can support Lifesong Kenya
Waylong Bulimu is one of our long term mentees who desires to go back to school and finish his education

Lifesong Kenya’s programs and intervention is having remarkable impact on the lives of juvenile offenders. More boys are re-joining their families having hope, faith and confidence after going through our programs.

This being so, we would like to encourage you to become part and parcel of our success. Your support enables us to provide essential support that our boys need while they are in prison.

Research proves that boys who learn employable skills while in prison have better chances of reintegrating into the community successfully. This is because they have skills they can use to get jobs or create their own business ventures.

Here are 4 unique ways you can support Lifesong Kenya.

4 unique ways you can support Lifesong Kenya

contributing money to Lifesong Kenya
Sam Kibiko donated a bike and contributed money towards our Half Way Cycle fundraiser last year
  1. Volunteering

There are so many ways and opportunities through which you can support us. One of them is by getting involved through our volunteer program. You can sing, dance, pray or teach our boys a new skill. The most valuable and simplest way of giving is sharing your time.

Follow this link to learn how you can get involved.

2. Sharing a meal

Spending time with us will enable you to make a connection with our exceptional young men. Once you do this, you can create time and share a meal with them.

Most of our exceptional young men have never tasted a pizza or a burger. Not only will you share a new experience having a meal together, our boys will feel special and loved.

3. Sharing special moments

We have discovered that tangible things makes vulnerable people to specifically ask for things and disregard precious moments spent with them. This breeds materialism, cause antagonism and unhealthy competition.

Rather than gain valuable lessons, vulnerable people come to view generous people as gift dispensers. You can share special moments by teaching our exceptional young men how to make artifacts they can sell and earn money.

Better still, you can also simply give them a listening ear so they can have someone to talk to.

4. Contributing money to Lifesong Kenya

We need finances to go to prison and carry out our activities. Any amount of money you can donate on a regular basis is valuable to us. You can make a one-off contribution or contribute on a monthly basis.

Another way of supporting our work is giving us writing jobs for your website. By doing so, you’ll have provided me an avenue to earn an income and continue supporting Lifesong Kenya.

Follow this link to see our samples of writing.

The other things you can donate include books, coloring material, buttons and clothes. You can also spread the word to your friends or workmate about our needs.


4 unique ways you can support Lifesong Kenya
Picture this… I forgot to mention that you can join our Half Way Cycle team and cycle 1,000 KM this year to fundraise for our prison program

Here’s a summary of 4 unique ways you can support Lifesong Kenya:-

  • Volunteering
  • Sharing a meal
  • Sharing special moments
  • Contributing money to Lifesong Kenya

These are some of the ways you can help Lifesong Kenya to empower more boys this year. We look forward to your visit and stay with us. Not only will your support impact the lives of our exceptional young men, the experience will add value to your life.

Our work depends on the generosity of wonderful people like you.  Contact us today and learn how your help can support Lifesong Kenya today.

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