Where your monthly giving goes

You Can Have Impact All Year Long

From teaching skills to reconciling incarcerated male teens with their families, Lifesong Kenya does a lot. We are excited to empower more male teens in 2021, and welcome you to plug in too. If you’d like to see more impact, we’ve an easier way to get you involved. Join our compassionate community of monthly givers, Friends of Lifesong Kenya.

Lifesong Kenya is looking for more individuals like you who will help us do more good. By joining our monthly giving program, you join hands with our wonderful community of do-gooders. Here’s where your monthly giving goes.

For $5 you could provide bus fare, lunch and water for one person facilitating our program activities for one day. This enables us to be more consistent and have long-lasting impact.

For $15 you could support 1 boy to undergo counselling and psycho-social support for one month. This helps the boys to receive vital emotional and mental wellness support.

For $25 you could help us to make phone calls to parents as well as make home visits to families, the police and those who've been wronged. This helps in the mediation and reconciliation process.

For $100, you could sponsor one boy to go through our program for one month. This includes coaching, skills training, healing and reconciliation with family and the community.

How your monthly giving helps

where your monthly giving goes
Your monthly giving enables us to teach skills in prison

Your monthly giving enables us to consistently run our prison program, from Monday to Friday every week. By so doing, we are able to achieve the following:-

  • teach our boys computer skills
  • teach essential life and soft skills
  • conduct our character formation program
  • call and visit families, the police and those who’ve been wronged and hurt
  • accompany boys to court when parents are absent or not interested
  • reintegrate boys exiting prison back to their communities

What Our Monthly Givers Say

Our younger brothers have made mistakes and just like the rest of us, deserve a second chance. This is why I support Lifesong Kenya.
where your money goes
Michael Buluma
Monthly Giver
"It's a pleasure helping Lifesong as I know the money is going to where it's needed and making a real difference in these boys' lives."
Inspiration behind Lifesong Kenya
Dan Howard
Monthly Giver
"As a monthly giver, I strongly encourage you to consider supporting boys and young men through Lifesong Kenya's programs."
John Wollwerth
Monthly Giver
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