Alice Wangui Needs Much More Than Food and Rent

Lifesong Kenya has been responding to COVID-19 by providing weekly Care Package to 30+ families. So far, we’ve managed to support 43 households and 172 family members. Here’s a snippet of one of the families that we are supporting. Alice Wangui Needs Much More Than Food and Rent.

Alice Wangui's weekly Care Package costs Kshs. 2000 ($20) but that's not all

One of the families that we have been supporting lives in Waruku, a stone throw away from Mike Sonko Memorial Park. Well, the park once used to be a burial site and is now a football pitch. When our team arrived – cycling – we met the one of the sons of our beneficiary.

48-year-old Alice Wangui is a pale shadow of her former beautiful self. Luckily, her beauty is captured in her daughter – Esther who can only – watch helplessly as her ailing mom wastes away in bed.

Months before Covid-19 struck, Alice visited a doctor after experiencing a swelling inside her pelvic area. After she was done with CT scans, endoscope and other numerous tests, she ran out of money to continue going to hospital. The next thing she lost was most of her friends who no longer call to check on her.

That initial hospital visit ended with her getting what she thinks is a wrong diagnosis that has left her spinal cord and body muscles without the strength and energy she needs to walk from off her bed where she spends most of her time.

During our first home visit on April 25, our team discovered that her Care Package was going to cost Kshs. 2000 ($20) per week. This includes medicine to aid her digestion and kienyeji vegetables in addition to paying for maize flour, rice, sugar and wheat flour.

Why Alice Needs Much More Than Food and Rent

After weeks of deliberation and consultation with our Care Package beneficiaries and team at Lifesong KENYA, we have had something extra after cutting off a few shillings from each of our beneficiary’s weekly support.

As a result, we have been able to settle one month’s rent arrears – and bought Alice more time as we continue working out a plan to help her come out of debt.

Tomorrow, our team will cycle to her house to check on Alice and work on our next week’s goals and also pray with her. We have been sitting with each of our beneficiaries to plan what life beyond Covid-19 looks like.

Having visited and spoken with Alice a few times, I know she is happy that we have been able to take care of her rent arrears and food for the past two weeks.

But, Alice needs much more than food and rent. Getting the right doctor to diagnose her true illness and condition will help our team and her family to move to the next phase of our plans beyond Covid-19.

Our Commitment

Our team has committed to drive her – from her house and back – when we find a doctor who is willing and able to offer pro bono services that will help us to know what her medical condition is.

In the mean time, Alice needs a walking aid so she can get out of bed and start walking on her own without burdening anyone. We believe that this will enhance her strength, faith and hope as she continues waiting and trusting on God for complete healing.

Alice Wangui Needs Much More Than Food and Rent

James Ouma

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